The Most Brutal 2020 Debate Showdowns

It's not always friendly — at times, the knives come out at the Democratic debates.

5 Nastiest Debate Moments (So Far)

Sen. Bernie Sanders vs. Vice President Joe Biden - Biden was railing against President Trump's foreign policy, particularly the trust he places in Russian President Vladimir Putin when, while he pointed toward Sanders as he said Putin's name. Sanders' shrewdness kicked in, as he joked that Biden was suggesting he was Putin, leading to a good chuckle from the audience while the two candidates hugged it out.

Sen. Kamala Harris vs. Vice President Joe Biden – Sen. Harris, a black former prosecutor, leapt into the crosstalk with a request to speak “on the issue of race.” She then trained her attention on Mr. Biden, and after making clear that she did not believe he was a racist, proceeded to sharply criticize him for having made “very hurtful” comments about having worked with two segregationist senators.

Rep. Beto O’Rourke vs Sen. Julián Castro - Castro took on O’Rourke, a fellow Texan, during the debate over the issue of decriminalizing border crossings. Castro has called for the repeal of Section 1325 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, a part of federal law that criminalizes unlawful entry into the United States, while O’Rourke has previously said he did not think it should be repealed.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg vs Rep. Eric Swalwell - South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg gave Rep. Eric Swalwell a death stare after he called out his handling of the recent police shooting that left an African American man dead. Buttigieg was stating how he was taking responsibility for not getting to the point of full police accountability.

Julián Castro vs Vice President Joe Biden - Castro accused Biden of forgetting that he had said people would have to opt in to get Medicare-like insurance under his health care plan.