• Michael C.
    20 hours

    For those who are hating why you hating? Is hating or jealousy and envy? For those who are sad why you sad? Be happy someone got supported. You should be happy that at least someone had support. What if in this world no one ever supported each other? What would happen? You should always look on the positive side. Even if that positivity doesn’t include. Or else you’ll just fill your life with jealousy and envy.

  • Julian K.
    2 days

    Buy hair trimmers then give yourselves a buzz cut. It will grow back.

  • William J.
    2 days

    Well now that everyone has forgot about coronavirus, protesting with no social distancing, it wont be long before we are on full lockdown again.

  • David W.
    3 days

    Glad to see the separation and the use of masks. What ignorant people.

  • Billy C.
    4 days

    Meet Jesus you f...king idiots

  • David B.
    4 days

    Too many people confuse bring Selfish with freedom. Obey The rules medical experts that specialise in Health care should be trusted not ignored

  • Kerry E.
    4 days

    America really is missing the point entirely. What a bunch of dummies.

  • Tanya H.
    4 days

    Just how vain can you get

  • Mary C.
    4 days


  • Richard F.
    4 days


  • Gabriel C.
    5 days

    I would cut your hair if I was there .

  • Ann S.
    5 days

    We are free til we breath our last!

  • Andie L.
    6 days

    Long hair is a very small price to pay for saving lives.

  • Michael C.
    6 days

    I like this topic because of the seniors who are taking part in it. I used to work in a seniors home and I can tell you guys. Seniors are an adorable bunch. They deserve to be heard. With all the time they spent on this earth having done what they did. It’s only right that things keep open and they get their service too. They worked hard to have their pensions and having places closed on them. That pretty much sucks. So since they served us growing up. It’s only fair on the seniors they get the service they deserve. Who would’ve thought haircuts and pedicures were all essentials. Well you have to see it from a seniors eyes when their eyes lights up like little children when they receive the things they worked hard for. Not only did I work at a seniors home. I was also raised by grandparents. Love those seniors. They know so much cause they had gone through so much.

  • Edward L.
    6 days

    That old barber said “I’m going to stay open til Jesus comes” He’s going to be open for ever poor man. I hope he gives himself a day off every thousand years or so. And I hope Jesus makes an appointment first; he really does need a hair cut ( and a beard trim come to mention it). Why can Jesus do without a haircut but you weak, selfish, soft, undisciplined Americans can’t cut their own hair, or do without for a couple of months for the common good? Pathetic!

  • Audrey M.
    7 days

    Self centered a holes

  • Al W.
    7 days

    Stay open till the Grim reaper comes.

  • Debra P.
    7 days

    These people are stupid

  • Michael M.
    05/30/2020 08:26

    It’s the social security network or lack there of that’s the real issue ! And forcing people into potentially life damaging situations. The USA is floundering, democratic nations need a leader, not a hater, a maniac or idiot.USA may be the wealthiest country on earth but distribution of that wealth is another matter!

  • Nicholas M.
    05/29/2020 23:48