The raid that killed Osama bin Laden

10 years ago, the U.S. military killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda. Here's how this historic raid unfolded.

05/01/2021 12:58 PM


  • Derek K.
    09/27/2021 13:54

    Obama didn't do shyte! For all we know they just dropped some random Iraqi in the ocean. Never showed who it was. He's a lying pos. 2nd worse president Ever, sleepy creepy joe took the number 1 spot.

  • Ken B.
    09/27/2021 04:55

    This was a lie of a hit. Obama is taliban

  • Bob Z.
    09/27/2021 04:45

    ONLY THING Obama got right. Period.

  • Charles R.
    09/27/2021 02:04


  • Oma V.
    09/26/2021 21:04

    Thanks to our special forces. Took twelve long years to get him and right under there noses

  • Matthew M.
    09/26/2021 13:41

    We watched Saddam hang. That was made public. I know he's dead. We never seen any evidence that you really killed bin laden.

  • Carlos O.
    09/26/2021 02:50

    In my opinion the guy is not dead, Obama couldn’t kill his boss they both belong to the same freaking religion

  • Steve K.
    09/26/2021 01:16

    He’s probably in charge of the Talban. He was promised. something and he didn’t get it.

  • Roger B.
    09/26/2021 00:40

    Obama taking credit for Osama? Um wrong try again

  • Willie B.
    09/25/2021 18:16

    I want to see his body

  • Rizwan L.
    09/25/2021 13:48

    That was just a drama osama was not killed by America he was died by deases in Afghanistan. If it is true osama killed by america he was the biggest enemy of america so why americans not show his dead body to world. If they have dead body they would keep his dead body in meusem. America claimed that his dead body is thrown in the sea why they throw in sea why they not show the world his dead body.

  • Brandon U.
    09/25/2021 13:39

    80 plus billion US money bought him fro Iran who already had him! What some will do to get elected!

  • Donny F.
    09/25/2021 13:35

    Absolutely zero evidence it happened.nothing.

  • Michael M.
    09/25/2021 12:13

    Just remember on that night before the raid was conducted in The situation room of the White House there was only one person who opposed going after bin laden...... The person who opposed going after bin laden was none other than Joe Biden.

  • Mike B.
    09/25/2021 10:55

    I still don't believe this...never seen the body

  • David W.
    09/25/2021 03:21

    Did they?

  • Steve P.
    09/25/2021 02:19

    Too bad Clinton didn’t take him out BEFORE 9/11 when he had the chance.

  • Terry F.
    09/25/2021 01:23

    Prove that he's Dead

  • Scott A.
    09/25/2021 00:27

    Thousands of lies lost , thousands more with mental and physical injuries ,trillions of dollars and we gave up how much of our liberties but we got him. Really think about that.

  • Pablo R.
    09/24/2021 23:58

    I want to know how much money this guy got pay for dems I guess millions !!

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