The real life of a stay-at-home husband

"Check your misogyny at the door: It's a day in the life of a stay-at-home husband." He cleans the house. She pays the bills. Brut spoke to Hunter and Maya Leppard about the story behind their hilarious TikTok videos.

01/26/2022 1:53 PM


  • Ant D.
    02/26/2022 15:15

    Why can't I post memes

  • Edmond N.
    02/26/2022 07:16

    Reversed roles😭😭😭

  • Max H.
    02/25/2022 13:59

    I bet his wife's boyfriend is proud of him

  • Patrick F.
    02/24/2022 10:46

    You should have been doing all that and working a job it's not hard

  • Vinay S.
    02/23/2022 23:40


  • Logan R.
    02/23/2022 18:58

    I imagine when you are married and stuff needs to get done, traditional gender roles are less important. If she makes more than you, it's not really logical to make her stop doing that just because of traditional gender roles. Men are more than capable of learning some new skills around the house.

  • Justin A.
    02/23/2022 16:51

    Sorry You lost me at stay at home husband

  • Paul S.
    02/23/2022 14:34

    I think it’s awesome that their situation permits this kind of dynamic. Anybody who has issues with it needs to step out of the Victorian era and into modern era!

  • Marcus C.
    02/23/2022 12:22

    I want to be a stay-at-home disability check collector. And drive a Mercedes

  • David F.
    02/23/2022 11:14


  • Hossain A.
    02/23/2022 09:24

    Mr. Slave

  • Lotta B.
    02/23/2022 05:33


  • Darnal S.
    02/23/2022 03:44

    Good for her and her slave🙄

  • Jesse D.
    02/23/2022 03:07

    That’s everywhere. You feel special now? lol

  • Throwing D.
    02/23/2022 01:57

    Hope they stay as healthy as this even with child rearing stage when it's much overloaded with responsibilities

  • Serge M.
    02/23/2022 00:33

    I do all this and work..

  • Susan C.
    02/23/2022 00:28

    My son is this kind of husband. He does laundry, dishes, cooks, cleans, and does diaper changing like a champ!!

  • Patrick M.
    02/23/2022 00:09

    Honestly, don't think it is important who takes on what roles in the house. I would just love to know what she does for a living that they don't both have to work to afford life.

  • Andrzej JĂłĆșwik
    01/26/2022 21:21


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