The Rise of Right-Wing Extremism

"[Trump] is the symptom, not the cause of this." Brut spoke with one of the leading analysts of the American far-right about how the president opened Pandora's box — and it's fueling white nationalism.

Conspiracism is spreading through social media channels

The online forum 8chan was used to post manifestos in the El Paso shooter’s manifesto, he spoke of a “Hispanic invasion” of Texas. Racism and white nationalism were also behind the mosque killings in Christchurch, New Zealand and synagogue shooting in Poway, California. Journalist David Neiwert reported on the U.S. far right for decades.

“I think it's the single greatest challenge we have right now. I think in large part because we're in denial about it. Even if Donald Trump disappears tomorrow this problem's still gonna be around for a very long time because Trump is just sort of the leading edge. This is a challenge to democracy and it can only be defeated genuinely with democracy and and a lot of why they were able to get a tenuous grip on our political power in this country you had to do with the fact that not enough people actually went out to the polls to vote in 2016. But Donald Trump I think has awakened us all to the reality that now politics actually does affect our real lives it affects and infects it in ways that we can't always be prepared for. So, paying attention to politics involved and in the political process especially now is really vital because Democracy is at stake. It doesn't just reproduce itself year after year Sometimes it comes under attack. And this is one of those times,”

In 2017, he published Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump. Now, he says there is a lot more he would add in 2019. President Trump has run around 2,200 Facebook ads using “invasion” to describe immigration according to Media Matters. Neiwert argues the most important thing Americans can do is vote.