The secret history of the Confederate Flag

What we know as the Confederate flag was actually never a flag of the Confederacy. Here's the history of a symbol that many are fighting to ban across the nation.

07/17/2020 4:00 PM


  • Adriana F.
    02/17/2021 05:34

    It’s not freedom of speech, it’s racism.

  • Justin N.
    02/06/2021 16:51

    The Civil War was never just about slavery, it's main issue and catalyst was bigger federal vs bigger state government.

  • Elijah A.
    02/06/2021 05:53

    Proud of my confederate ancestors no matter what. History ain’t there to like or dislike. It’s there to learn from.

  • Jimmie S.
    02/03/2021 13:05

    F the confederate flag, y'all are losers

  • Scott J.
    02/03/2021 12:24

    My American confederate flag will never come down it will fly to the day I die nobody's going to take it away from me and that's a fact

  • Scott J.
    02/03/2021 12:23

    That is completely not true the Confederate flag is not a racist flag let's be honest just because there is some bad folks that use it as something that they think is hatred is not true

  • James B.
    02/03/2021 05:57

    A flag hurts your poor feelings

  • Jon J.
    02/02/2021 23:54

    so does blm and gay pride flags stand for bad things? asking for a friend

  • Alex B.
    02/02/2021 01:59

    Lol they don't care . About it hat happened in out country. There in lov with China and death. Yep

  • Matt L.
    02/02/2021 00:19

    This is wrong

  • Eric L.
    02/01/2021 21:08

    So this video shows that the flag was used for many different representation of life, to say it stands for hatred and slavery is false. Yes some groups of people used it as that but a larger group of people do not associate it with hate. There are many black Americans I have seen defending the flag, having one in their house or a tattoo of it. One problem with America anymore is anyone who says they are offended gets it changed because this county gives into the minority instead of the majority.

  • Jeffrey G.
    02/01/2021 20:36

    The flag shown at 1:16 was the Arkansas State flag not the Confederate Flag

  • Shane W.
    02/01/2021 19:30

    If it had been a BLM or Antifa flag it wouldn't have even made news.

  • Chad S.
    02/01/2021 18:23

    Yea, it was a Black Lives Matter thug that was waving it!!!

  • James L.
    02/01/2021 16:18

    But yet it's okay to use anything of Soviet origin to promote your cause... interesting 🤔

  • Wayne W.
    02/01/2021 16:18

    Try concentrating on black on black murder instead of syrup bottles and statues.

  • Michael R.
    02/01/2021 02:33

    Stop falling for the hate. If you don't like the flag ignore it. Ignoring White supremacists causes them to lose their power. Just like ignoring black supremacist with the New Black panther party. Ignore them and they fade away.

  • Kenneth L.
    01/31/2021 23:12

    why just blame the flag for your mission to improve your way of showing the color of your skin has a lot to be someone special

  • Diane R.
    01/31/2021 23:05

    Not every group. I take it you dont.

  • Jay S.
    01/31/2021 20:55

    The civil War was fought because of federal encroachment on states' rights the issue they utilized to take away states rights was slavery