• Rony
    12/27/2020 12:55

    cchj 6gikķl

  • John M.
    12/23/2020 14:00

    The history of Fox News mostly concerns the founders profiting from their opposition to mainstream ideas and principles. They found willing listeners and viewers who have felt left out by society...The founders don’t care a whit about anything else...

  • Graham L.
    12/23/2020 07:50

    Fox News being produced.

  • Lana L.
    12/20/2020 23:59

    Donald You are Old news . Pack your bags and Skip out to father Russia You did your dirt no leave

  • Debra F.
    12/20/2020 19:58

    As crooked as he is

  • Debra F.
    12/20/2020 19:57

    You mean Trump network a pile of Rotten crap

  • Anesha H.
    12/18/2020 04:55

    The worst Network, shut down that 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑 channel

  • Kurt J.
    12/17/2020 22:34

    As much as Donald Trump, nah, Trump doesn't know how to speak the truth ! ! !

  • Mel O.
    12/17/2020 20:44

    There are numerous people that will feel calm and are happy that this fool is out and this is over. The ones I can think of are: Kayleigh McEnanny and pence. They will praise the Lord and will donate to few charities.

  • Mel O.
    12/17/2020 17:13

    If trump did not have fox news he would have certainly ask pravda or putin for help. Heck, ... he had fox and did ask putin for help and he still LOST. How sad is it for fox, trump, putin and the brain dead trump lovers?

  • Mark P.
    12/17/2020 10:29

    Almost all of Fox’s programs are opinion and not news. They present the content as factual but usually it’s based on conspiracy theories or propaganda that favors the GOP. When it’s shown that what they “report” is total BS, they don’t retract it-they keep reporting the same lies. With Trump , they have a kindred spirit as he’s a pathological liar like them.

  • Jose G.
    12/17/2020 09:33

    20 years ago i watched like any other channel and i saw the lies and misinformation and didn't watch anymore. I have stayed away from all that nonsense.

  • Bill B.
    12/17/2020 06:33

    Fox news does suck but maga's blow.

  • Matthew H.
    12/17/2020 05:12

    Fox News lies?...

  • Jeremy S.
    12/17/2020 03:48

    Fox News is mean and angry. They never unite, they divide. Bad for us.

  • Joan W.
    12/17/2020 02:13

    Nadia Kozy lying Pinocchio befits your character. Fox News is great 👍🏽

  • Jo S.
    12/17/2020 01:58

    Bye bye dump....go away now...loser

  • Consuelo H.
    12/17/2020 01:16


  • Frank A.
    12/17/2020 01:15


  • Forrest C.
    12/17/2020 00:47

    Fox failed ! It began as soon as they hired Donna Brazil, the one that gave Hillary the questions to be asked at the Presidential debate! Notice how cheaters and crooks hang together!