The story of Rodney King

Filmed by a bystander, the savage beating of Rodney King led to the 1992 L.A. riots. This is the story of the first "viral" video of police brutality against an African American man. ⚠️ Distressing images ⚠️

06/02/2020 12:41 PM


  • Jonathon R.
    04/30/2022 06:20

    I wrote a poem called Rodney King Lived, recently published by The Los Angeles Press.

  • Hector R.
    01/31/2022 19:05

    Decades later the abuse continues on citizens of America. This goes on still till this day in No Body Camera Law Enforcement Agencies like Florida's famous Polk County Sheriff's Office were resisting an officer is prosecuted by Deputy No Body Camera's testimony with qualified immunity. I have several friends who have been roughed up or even body slammed in handcuffs, then given resisting an officer charges. Awesome!

  • Courtney L.
    01/23/2022 21:39

  • Cynthia M.
    12/19/2021 04:23

    What did he die of? Accidental drowning.

  • Halane A.
    09/25/2021 08:24

    Weak comment "can we get along"? With who? Ppl who see you as animals and always have done?

  • Marcos Q.
    09/22/2021 19:36

  • Jeremy T.
    09/22/2021 06:02

    And it was filmed the same night as terminator... This is truly going down in history

  • Doghmi L.
    09/21/2021 14:57

    Horrible crime

  • Deborah P.
    09/21/2021 14:54

    He was a monster.

  • Rigo G.
    09/21/2021 13:50

    Should have sent the original judge to prison for dismissing the police

  • Martha G.
    09/21/2021 13:31

    It’s so Unsettling and sad to see that a human being can treat another one with such violence is so unacceptable

  • Cairistiòna M.
    09/21/2021 13:00

    Remembering George Holliday thank you

  • Brut
    09/21/2021 12:53

    George Holliday, who filmed the savage beating of Rodney King, has died.

  • Tobe O.
    05/17/2021 21:53

    "where are they now and what do those officers think about the chauvin trial... that's when you know if they are pigs...

  • Tobe O.
    05/17/2021 21:52


  • Lyle S.
    04/19/2021 23:29

    When they show the video, why do they always leave out the beginning of the video that shows Rodney King going after the police and being tasered and not being effected. He just kept coming after them. He was a very large man.

  • Kristina T.
    03/04/2021 12:54

    They were kicking his head with boots 😱 In what perverse reality do cops senselessly beat someone to an inch of their lives or kill them? 😱 it's so evil.

  • Nancy W.
    03/03/2021 18:06


  • Joe B.
    03/03/2021 17:58

    He didnt deserve that especially since he wasnt fighting back

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