• Elochukwu O.
    40 minutes

    I'm a Blackman and I say to hell with BLM

  • Ujv G.
    an hour

    We all deal with death .. you just pretend it hurts you more

  • Candy S.
    2 hours

    Don't understand a few months back everybody was just doing fine until all this s*** now it's becoming such a hate crime it's out of control

  • Carol M.
    3 hours

    Complete lunacy.

  • Brutal B.
    3 hours

    I said this a long time ago. It's those Confederates. You have defeated the ideology but what's rooted deep in a person's heart cannot be changed. Now they wearing blue and armed.

  • Eric T.
    4 hours

    Soon as the election is over the children will behave

  • Love G.
    5 hours

    They are all stupid idiots.

  • Jim G.
    7 hours

    All lives matter yeah I said it

  • Will P.
    9 hours

    Brut getting more political daily

  • Dave J.
    9 hours

    Funny she says that.. when hearing them and their comments it’s always “all lives matter when black lives matter first”

  • Mark K.
    10 hours

    Let me know when black lives matter to blacks I’ll wait

  • Al A.
    12 hours

    Blm is a domestic terrorist group funded by white money and they will not run the country

  • Samuel B.
    12 hours

    FTP and the filthy corrupt government

  • Doujangul M.
    12 hours

    Hey any black guys here... Don't vote for Trump.... GOOD LUCK THOSE BLACK GUYS VOTE FOR TRUMP

  • Linda D.
    13 hours

    Theres more black on black killings then white on black killings good grief look up the true facts

  • Reg S.
    14 hours

    Do a count of how many People have been killed by BLAKES ???? WITH NO PROTEST OR LOOTING VANDALISM. Get over it BABY SUCKS have some Black eyed peas

  • Dang N.
    14 hours

    No Black Life Matter! All Life Matter

  • Timothy R.
    15 hours

    BLM is hate filled these days. No thank you.

  • Apong K.
    17 hours

    Your country will be doomed soon

  • Craig N.
    17 hours

    Black lives are " useful" to democrat politicians, they prey on your emotions...