• Jesse O.
    02/27/2022 16:51


  • Derrick B.
    02/27/2022 09:22

    Google Channa Lloyd then let her know how you feel

  • Throwing D.
    02/27/2022 01:29

    Just giving a thought about what if African descents go back to their homeland, rebuild their lives their, their country.. Its sad to see on news this racial discrimination acts

  • Ray A.
    02/26/2022 21:40

    Your headline is a lie

  • Maria Mike
    02/26/2022 18:59

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  • Robert S.
    02/26/2022 16:38

    This is why we need CRT , WHITE FOLKS NEVER WANT TO FACE THEIR !!!EVILS!!!.

  • Andrew W.
    02/26/2022 15:48

    "Zimmerman" - clearly a psycho bearing gun, fantasized about wanting "notches'' on his gun..Clearly one of "those'' bullshipper types we see and hear of.

  • Israel A.
    02/26/2022 15:39

    Ir is dad how obama use this boy por media purpose but yet dos not, dos not a thing to proof what he is all about. Shame on Obama!

  • James J.
    02/26/2022 15:34

    He wasn't so innocent look at his record

  • Jean-Noël M.
    02/26/2022 15:28

    For being black. He’d have been killed even if he wasn’t wearing a hoodie

  • Brandi W.
    02/26/2022 15:28

    His hoodie was also responsible for his death? Oh Geraldo... .no wonder why they fought on your show a lot

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