• Allan W.
    05/09/2022 07:49

    Woah! I did NOT see that coming...

  • Lenyn L.
    05/09/2022 03:28

    Over 2 million girls and women deserve abortion rights all over the United States!

  • Lloyd M.
    05/08/2022 17:00

    Is America, the something leader of our free world, a democracy governed by the rule of law or a dictatorship governed by the Bible and one particular group of religious people, Christians? What is America? Where's America headed? Which sovereignty can successfully challenge America to clear up her yard before she tries to force any sovereignty to do likewise? Brittain, perhaps?

  • Ayoka A.
    05/08/2022 15:48

    Thank you so much Ma’am Deborah, I'm so blessed investing under your great and wonderful investment platform. I'm grateful to you ma'am for your honesty and truthfullness, i am glad that I got myself involved in this great platform. Thank you so much ma'am I appreciate your kind and sincere work. God Almighty will continue to bless you and your family. I just bought my 1st car with the profit I made from your platform.

  • Genevieve A.
    05/08/2022 15:39

    So she reason American legalized abortion.

  • Alicia P.
    05/08/2022 15:32

    Once again evil men and their money paying for lies and trying to corrupt people using their pain to control and poison the truth. These are terrible people who use and destroy lives for political gain!!

  • Basil K.
    05/08/2022 15:12

    Each has its own labour so as the fruit 😁

  • Preston M.
    05/08/2022 14:34

    Religion, of course. But religious freedom also means freedom from it.

  • Twaza B.
    05/08/2022 14:28


  • Aluminum F.
    05/08/2022 14:18

    pregnant women have got to be one of the most vulnerable groups. and theyve been used and abused as political cannon fodder for far too long... what a nightmare of a decision to trade one's principles for money. RIP...

  • Nevin S.
    05/08/2022 14:16

    "Men have no right to a view" you leftards have destroyed gender

  • Nevin S.
    05/08/2022 14:15

    My body my choice- where were you lefties on this over vaccinations?

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