The xenophobia behind the health screenings of immigrants in Ellis Island

Medical screenings rooted in xenophobia took place as soon as 1892 for immigrants arriving on Ellis Island... #tbt

05/28/2020 7:59 PM


  • Heyzee T.
    05/29/2020 12:43

    Ahhhhh Brut and your stupid opinion.

  • Rajesh S.
    05/29/2020 09:28

    I don't know who she is, when Naina stops, she looks like a pretty face, I don't know her, but she lives in my heart, she doesn't know who she is, I'm thirsty, This is my water, or I am a joke, so what is my story is that where I live, where I go, she is always with me, I do not know who she is, the shadow in the dark has also made me Left, but she always stood with me in the morning, it is not a word in my words, but she has finished my poem I do not know who she is ...... BY-- RAJESH SINGH

  • Kathy H.
    05/29/2020 00:24

    One opinion....checking for contagious diseases makes sense and benefits everyone.

  • Paul D.
    05/28/2020 23:12

    No, medical screenings at Ellis Island weren't rooted in xenophobia. FFS, there were incurable PLAGUES crossing oceans at the time.

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