There were voter fraud protesters in the 2000 election too

"Stop the count!" Decades before "Stop the Steal" challenged the 2020 results, there was the Brooks Brothers riot…

11/16/2020 7:57 PM


  • Urban Ö.
    02/02/2021 09:15


  • Darlene W.
    12/02/2020 01:44

    Republicans are out of their minds their supporters believe everything they say I can't believe it. They want to win even if they don't

  • Andrew J.
    11/28/2020 18:53

    Look at the uneducated people of America

  • Louis D.
    11/19/2020 19:25

    Republicans at work in 2000 to intimidate and terrorize counters. Florida a contested state run by one Jeb Bush, brother to George. Coincidence that this recount may have cost Gore the election. Florida decided the winner. This is why all counting offices should have had protection. Entrance of civilians should have been prohibited due to the importance of the count.

  • Connie M.
    11/17/2020 17:12

    Get a brain

  • Michael S.
    11/17/2020 16:13

    Lets hear about the story of the Biden supporters marching in D.C. seeking out the elderly, and families to assault, beat, spit on, and smash em on their heads. Lets hear you denounce the violence, lets hear you CALL OUT Biden supporters for their Evil and violence... lets hear it! Oh? silence? if you are silent about it... then you are PART of it

  • Venkataraman S.
    11/17/2020 12:51

    Wonderful here in india too opposition scream fraud fraud still not has guts to ban govt there is a say who don't know how to dance blame the dance floor

  • Alan T.
    11/17/2020 07:08

    The only fraud in this election is the one in the white house

  • Alfredo V.
    11/17/2020 06:20

    Stop these idiots

  • Roy J.
    11/17/2020 05:39

    As I recall, the illegal purge of voters in Florida (which gave dubya the white house) was admitted to by the GOP but was largely ignored during the post election hub bub until it was too late. Well, largely ignored by the corporate media outlets... MJ and some other covered it, but it was in Europe that it received the most press. But that is not voter fraud, that was disenfranchisement of African Americans purposely by conservatives and republicans.

  • Michelle D.
    11/17/2020 05:28

    And we got another Republican loser whose 'mistake' of weapons of mass destruction embroiled the USA in the longest war in the USA's history.

  • Barbara B.
    11/16/2020 23:54

    F morons

  • Tommy A.
    11/16/2020 23:21

    What ? What do they shout ? .... i heard .. stop the trump ... stop the trump ... stop the trump ..... Ooooo ok .... good

  • Robert B.
    11/16/2020 22:43

    Unbelievable, how low can people get!

  • Lorenzo P.
    11/16/2020 22:25

    Stupid people!

  • Jerry B.
    11/16/2020 21:01

    It amazes me how many people in the country are ignorant about our voting system. They should start teaching this right now to avoid this belligerent rhetoric.

  • Mario O.
    11/16/2020 20:47

    They are just following Trump instructions, so on the next election Trump will be president because the USA Electoral system will disappear. Hahaha

  • Mario O.
    11/16/2020 20:45

    What an idiot people.

  • Josip M.
    11/16/2020 20:25

    Its interesting.. we often say that differences are such between humans that they cause countless issues due to lack of unity. Yet, soooo many modern-day elections come to a near or exact 50:50 result, meaning that we are mathematically often divided perfectly in half? In many EU countries there’s no more than a few million people in total populations, and it can not be said that the divisions are made in half because of lack of choice- there’s alot of partyes/candidates/sides in many countries, alot of choices to be made, but we are left with two sides fighting for a few % of voters?? Come on... really, come on 💵💴💶💷 🤮

  • Anita B.
    11/16/2020 20:15

    Stop the nut jobs!

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