• Kane A.
    10/24/2018 21:06

    Thomas Heymer - do you reckon people have become more openly racist in the last 3 - 4 odd years or do you reckon people have always been this openly racist?

  • Solin V.
    10/24/2018 01:35

    We should treat them like dat when them come to our country to live and see how them feel

  • Kingsley I.
    10/23/2018 20:10

    But the Wil go to another country to steal there oil.

  • Abbas A.
    10/23/2018 16:21


  • Megan e.
    10/23/2018 07:34

    Ugh I hate people like that... I dont care where ur from. U. are. Human. It matters what's inside that counts, its 2018 and we're still just as disgusting to eachother from years n years ago 😑 I couldn't let that happen to someone if I could help I will

  • Sagir H.
    10/23/2018 07:23

    Congrats TRUMP