These Bystanders Took On Prejudice & Bigotry

Hate has no home here! These bystanders stepped up when they saw bigots attacking minorities.

10/15/2018 5:01 PM
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  • Danilo B.
    10/15/2018 17:17

    And Brazil is going the same's a global tendency it seems, return to violent and hateful roots

  • Nathan A.
    10/15/2018 17:31

    Finally today’s white people are not afraid to stand up for what’s right!!! I applaud you.

  • Harding K.
    10/15/2018 17:43

    Those faggots should be taught in their schools! That it is them who are invading our lands and killing and destroying every thing! They have destroyed our lives , our cultures, our homes, our schools, our economy! With full power! And as now we have no where to go! So we go there to have a peaceful life! They act with harsh racism ! Calling us to go back to our lands! 1ST TAKE OUT YOUR ARMY from our lands! Our people will automatically come to our homes! Have some study! Salute to those who are against racism! They are the people because of which we found humanity! And love for people

  • Stephen S.
    10/15/2018 17:51

    Sounds like germany in the 1930s

  • Filipe A.
    10/15/2018 17:58

    Like in WW2, good people are again fighting for freedom and dignity.

  • Steve N.
    10/15/2018 18:15

    stand and fight back without out trumping trump...cuz you won't win. Out SMART them fearlessly....Laugh in their ugly faces but once you wrestle with a pig you're a pig

  • Bill S.
    10/15/2018 18:18

    I wish more people would do this. And not just because of race.....just in general

  • Ruben R.
    10/15/2018 18:24

    It's sad to see our country going down a nasty and ignorant path

  • Cindy C.
    10/15/2018 19:42

    These racist people are sickening! It's just wrong. People are people. White people are not better just because they are white.

  • Sayed F.
    10/15/2018 20:27

    English version of Modi #donaldtrump

  • Michael B.
    10/15/2018 20:55

    We are very fortunate to live upon this tiny blue dot within the immense universe. It amazes me that people are arrogant enough to think that they can draw a line in the sand and tell others not to cross it and that the line makes them better than those others.

  • Patrizio L.
    10/15/2018 23:21

    They are against immigrants, ok, so when they will come back to Britain?

  • Frida V.
    10/16/2018 01:39

    Tooo sad. Where is the love???

  • Tanguy C.
    10/16/2018 02:33


  • Vinutha S.
    10/16/2018 03:47

    History repeats

  • Céline D.
    10/16/2018 06:57

    White woman in the USA: "this is not your country! Get out of here!" Native Americans: bitch please?!!

  • Ron H.
    10/16/2018 11:55

    These assholes are the minority, that's why they're so upset. We will not go backwards

  • Imene D.
    10/16/2018 13:12


  • Doug S.
    10/16/2018 14:34

    This...ALL of a DAMNED SHAME !!! WHO gives ANYONE the RIGHT to tell another HUMAN BEING to leave THIS country?!?!?!?

  • David A.
    10/16/2018 20:05

    Not all white people are stupid