These Conservatives Oppose Restrictive Abortion Laws

Today, over 500 protests over abortion bans erupted across the United States. But it's not just pro-choice Americans who think some of the recent state laws are too restrictive — so do some prominent conservatives. 👀

These conservatives think Alabama went too far on abortion

Alabama’s restrictive abortion ban isn't just unpopular on the left split or quick flashed with 4-6 of the conservatives. Some major conservative voices have said that the law goes too far.

Social Media personality Tomi Lahren tweets, “I will be attacked by fellow conservatives for saying this but so be it, this Alabama abortion ban is too restrictive. It doesn’t save life, it simply forces women into more dangerous methods, other states or countries. You don’t encourage life via blanket government mandate!”

Outlawing abortion is detested to start with many Americans who dislike abortion don’t want it to be prohibited. Normally, they vote on other political issues. But when Roe looks shaky, they get scared and vote against politicians who threaten to criminalize the procedure. If you’re looking for a single event that could ignite a backlash against Republican candidates, an overturn of Roe is high on the list.

The Alabama law is even more inflammatory. Alabama lawmakers rejected an amendment that would have exempted women who become pregnant by rape. When you extend a ban to these women, you cut the anti-abortion electorate in half. You take an idea that already scares and angers many people—banning abortions generally—and make it absolutely toxic. In particular, you alienate voters on the right who distinguish rape survivors from women who chose to have sex. By forcing victims to bear the offspring of their predators, you offend the morals of law-and-order conservatives.

As more states contemplate abortion laws, and as the 2020 election cycle moves into full swing, time will tell if voters still view those exceptions as untouchable, and whether those in favor of restricting those exceptions are punished at the ballot box.