Third-grader Pays Off Class’s Lunch Debt

Should school lunch debt even exist? Brut spoke to the third grader who went viral for paying off his class's debt about why school lunch should be free.

Nine-year old covers lunch for classmates.

This inspiring nine-year-old paid off the student lunch debt for his entire third grade class. The student said he was going to take out his savings account money and put it towards paying for their lunches. His first reaction was very shocked that this would be happening in education. He did not want that to happen to him. So he felt very bad for the other kids that didn’t have any lunches. Ryan Kyote saved six months of allowance and paid off $74.80 in debt after learning about 5-year-old in Indiana who was denied lunch because of his debt. Now, Ryan and his mom, Kylie Kirkpatrick, are advocating for free school lunches.

Should elementary school kids be coming to school worried about should they have lunch that day? Are they allowed to get lunch today? If he/she charges lunch that day or are they going to send the parents a bill? Are they going to get in trouble because they have a bill now? 5 all the way to 12-year olds in elementary school have found themselves int his predicament. “We've been talking a lot about the government and how that works and how one person can create a movement like this. So, it's really incredible.” Ryan’s mom adds. “School lunch debt” should not exist in the wealthiest country in the history of the world…When we are in the White House, we are going to provide year-round, free universal school meals.” tweeted Bernie Sanders.

Ryan received an outpouring of support after his act of generosity, but many were in disbelief he had to pay at all — prompting a national discussion about student lunch debt. “I felt very like famous. And. And. And like I felt very shocked that Bernie Sanders saw it. I got very excited.” Ryan gushes over the recognition.

Ryan hopes his actions will encourage adults to take better care of each other.


06/22/2019 6:00 PM
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  • David P.
    06/22/2019 18:25

    Now this is a Hero! Good for you young man.

  • Chris E.
    06/22/2019 18:48


  • Wale S.
    06/23/2019 09:36

    Good boy, keep it up, you going to be a great man. Thanks for your kind gesture

  • Oughty H.
    06/23/2019 22:53

    Denied lunch ? To a child? What is this world coming to, so sad that this beautifull innocent soul has to solve this problem, children should never have to suffer OR denied lunch!!

  • Masakyo R.
    06/24/2019 01:20

    The wealthiest and most powerful country has the costliest healthcare system........this has to change!!

  • Esther B.
    06/24/2019 05:14

    Good gesture. Keep it going. You'll make the change...

  • Brut
    06/24/2019 13:33

    What is lunch shaming?

  • Ruby Y.
    06/24/2019 14:23

    Actually its a Presidential Decree that is added in our constitution where poor countries adapted it. Its not shaming lawmakers and legislation its just a common sense. Poor children dont really have money for their lunch specially children who really want school their parent send them to school despite their family skip meals at home at least it stays only them knows but they go to school and they dont have money their friends care even share what they have. Its an eye opening for parents are lucky enough to afford lunch in the school. Phlippines at least improved they give pantawid pamilya program which poor families can augment their income by the number of school children they have. Not like before many children cannot attend even elementary school. Check poor countries school program. It has change because of that International Policy No School Children Left Behind.

  • Evelyn A.
    06/25/2019 02:56

    Good job 🏆⭐

  • Iskander B.
    06/29/2019 14:26

    In Algeria students pay like 15$ that covers their lunch everyday for 1 school year !

  • Sindhu R.
    07/01/2019 03:10

    Sometimes we adults need to learn many things from children☺children are the image of God really

  • Kylie K.
    09/05/2019 04:15

    Please support California legislation SB 265 to stop the shaming

  • Brut
    7 hours

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a piece of legislation that guarantees all students will receive lunch — even if their parents or guardians have not paid their meal fees. Learn more:

  • Luis M.
    7 hours

    No se por khe pero miren soy famoso xd

  • ফ ড.
    7 hours

    But Every good thing is impossible in Bangladesh 😢

  • Jose R.
    5 hours

    Yes babe