This child marriage survivor is fighting to end it in the U.S.

At 8, she was engaged. At 13, she was forced to marry. Today, she's fighting to end child marriage in the U.S. This is Naila's story ... This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

09/03/2021 12:28 PMupdated: 09/03/2021 12:30 PM

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    • Jose S.
      5 days

      Regardless of Religion and culture …Love must come first before marriage …☮️/❤️

    • سید س.
      09/10/2021 11:28

      Got married at 15,engaged at 7, Involved in boys, crush at age 8, westernised . She is not a marriage material.

    • سید س.
      09/10/2021 11:27

      Got married at 15,engaged at 7, Involved in boys, crush at age 8, westernised.

    • ViVi M.
      09/09/2021 09:03

      What pedo created the law to be able to marry at 14????

    • You V.
      09/08/2021 23:19

      Thats how bad the foster care system is, shed rather get married .

    • Baba Y.
      09/07/2021 11:56

      This reminds me of 'what will people say' on Netflix. I'm sure this old style tradition of orthodox society will disappear one day, but the scares of people who have gone through unwillingly, will remain. Education is the only weapon to fight this evil.

    • Ehsan E.
      09/06/2021 01:01

      Held your own parents accountable for that. Make an example out of your parents who forced a little girl into a marriage at such vulnerable age.

    • Ehsan E.
      09/06/2021 00:34

      She said she had a crush on a boy at the age of 8 when she came back. Lets ignore everything for a second. Imagine she had crush on someone in Pakistan at that age. And fell in love with him by 10-12 years age and she wanna bring him to the States and the only way is by marrying, so i guess she would have to wait 6 more years. Oh wait she wanna get another bill signed to bring spouse not before 21 so thats around a decade wait time. 😂😂 smh Girl At least stand for the right cause, go against forced marriage, Educate people, Because girls even get forced marriage over 18 smh Dont mess up with American system, here in America marriage saves you tax money. 😂 Most importantly, Parents should be punished for forced marriage or whoever forces it and her own parents make it at the top of the list. Lastly, in Islam, you can never enter a marriage if its by force. Study islam before commenting on it. Islam never allows force married. Dont mix up culture with religion

    • Nikko B.
      09/05/2021 17:20

      all the people behind this should be wiped out!

    • Fareeha F.
      09/04/2021 22:58

      Comments here some of them are racist. This is universal practise

    • Ishrat Z.
      09/04/2021 16:30

      Married at the age of 15 forcing by parents is really bad but have physical relation at the age of 13 is good....what kind of law is this..strange

    • Tow S.
      09/04/2021 15:39

      My mother was forced to marry someone against her will when she was a teenager …

    • Rawda M.
      09/04/2021 15:22

      As a Muslim girl i need to point out how horrible and sick this is CHILD MARRIAGE AND FORCED MARRIAGE IS FORBIDDEN IN ISLAM. I got married to the man i chose and fell in love with at the age of 25 like all girls in my country.

    • Denise S.
      09/04/2021 09:58

      You are so brave and courageous Naila. Thank you for looking out those girls ❤💕

    • Chrysanthi S.
      09/04/2021 09:09

      Islam. That’s the reason all these happen. When the most perfect man to all on earth, the man you need to imitate to reach Allah, gets married to a 6 year old girl and consummates the marriage when she is just 9…. She didn’t even get her period yet ! And the average age for marriage at the time was 12.

    • Kwaku A.
      09/04/2021 05:57

      Shocked !

    • Kylie H.
      09/04/2021 04:23

      America, WTF!

    • Bint I.
      09/04/2021 04:21

      I can’t believe one can marry so young !

    • Sofia K.
      09/04/2021 04:02


    • Kimberly R.
      09/04/2021 03:11

      Ready I think cv cv ty national