This man is getting his Confederate flag tattoo removed

"It was never expressed in such a fashion that this was essentially the American equivalent of the swastika." This man is removing the Confederate flag tattoo on his back. Here's why.

10/14/2020 4:00 PM


  • Jamie M.
    01/01/2021 19:51

    Love that they provide free removals for formerly incarcerated and trafficked individuals. Kudoz to that company.

  • Niels d.
    12/31/2020 16:29

    All flags represent something, its inherent of being a flag. It’s people who turn it into symbols. The swastika was an Indian symbol until it was hijacked by fanatics. Fight the disease, not the symptoms. Anyway, its horrible inkjob, could have just said it was an ugly tattoo without the attention.

  • Willem V.
    12/31/2020 16:21

    Very good hate not your live and nobody have hate loven you are incrideble for your won concratulations

  • De L.
    12/31/2020 14:15

    You’re an idiot. The rebel flag is not a hate symbol. Specially knowing that your intent was pure when you had it put on. Now if you were tagged with white power rhetoric I would understand.

  • Robert S.
    12/31/2020 12:36

    And everyone should grow up

  • Sharon N.
    12/31/2020 10:18

    Good for you

  • Preety J.
    12/31/2020 07:04


  • Anuk N.
    12/31/2020 03:24

    Respect to you 💯

  • Monica W.
    12/31/2020 01:18

    Key Message: The tattoo removal is FREE to people wanting to remove the last visual vestige of who they WERE.

  • Victor A.
    12/30/2020 21:34

    The left the party of the klan!!

  • Bernd B.
    12/30/2020 20:03

    The most stupid thing i.m.o. about that tattoo is that he tried to remove it instead of covering it with something else. Otherwise great decision.

  • Marcie A.
    12/30/2020 19:20

    When you know better you do better. Thank you sir.

  • Mike N.
    12/30/2020 18:33


  • Amanda R.
    12/30/2020 18:12

  • Kenny M.
    12/30/2020 18:06


  • Kay A.
    12/30/2020 17:06

    Funny comments I love how openly racist Americans are.

  • Eric E.
    12/30/2020 16:30

    Yet the left fly communist flags with glee ,an ideology that has killed far more than fascism .

  • Mary H.
    12/30/2020 15:58

    Bad ink too. Get rid of it.❤️💙❤️❤️

  • Larry S.
    12/30/2020 15:58

    Fos, tell him to go ask a native American... black 16% under the stars and bars..... but Native Americans 1% under the red white and blue.. sounds like no one cares about the natives

  • Wonder S.
    12/30/2020 14:46

    So beautiful