TikTok dad calls out sexualization of girls

This dad's response to the sexualization of girls is going viral. As many continue to question why kids clothes need two separate sections.

04/10/2021 4:59 PM


  • Connie G.
    09/17/2021 23:13

    My daughter also wore Osh Gosh overalls hand me downs from her brother.

  • Karina V.
    09/17/2021 00:04

    And I want bathing shorts for my girls not effing bikinis!!!!

  • Kris A.
    09/16/2021 16:31

    There’s nothing wrong with prettying up a sweet lil girl. I understand what you’re saying about the clothes,I dressed my lil girl in Osh Gosh overalls but also with a cute top. Early years don’t matter much, let’s be honest. I don’t think dressing kids a certain way will make them change their gender. I just think we as new parents want to be proud of offspring. Maybe relax a bit, be happy and 😊all that.

  • Sylvia T.
    09/16/2021 13:57

    You are sooooo shopping in the wrong stores. Come to the netherlands: pink, yellow, lavender, blue, etc etc with glitters and without, same for ruffles. We even have pants with reall pockets (yeah really) and one piece bathing suits (Tho a bikini was more easy when still in diapers because wet bathing suit sticks)

  • Iren C.
    09/16/2021 09:40

    Why genderfy clothes? Both my kids wore the same things, hand me downs from boy to girl. Interesting colours, patterns, styles. By the time it came for both of them to choose their own, they were not aware of the gederification.

  • Luis G.
    09/16/2021 09:07

    This guy is really too sensitive.. please stop whining and bytching bro.. sounds like you are upset that you have extra part and low-key wish you didn't... Just saying 🙂

  • Waka T.
    09/16/2021 08:10

    Baby product companies are turning into Hisoka

  • Darold W.
    09/16/2021 00:16


  • Michaela .
    09/16/2021 00:15

    I had a hell of a time finding a one piece swimsuit for my 8 month old baby. I was also looking for a one piece with swim shorts… nope. Crop top swim shirts and short swim shorts. I constantly buy boy clothes then get my but chewed because my daughter looks like a “boy” she looks like my daughter. Literally

  • Denise B.
    09/15/2021 23:35

    I seen a oneness at the boardwalk in Atlantic City that said, "I'm Too Sexy For My Oneies" I couldn't believe it!!!

  • Kris A.
    09/15/2021 22:52

    Maybe she’ll think she’s a boy? Is that what you want?

  • Brandie S.
    09/15/2021 22:32

    The sizing is so true!

  • Emily D.
    09/15/2021 22:15

    So I’m actually pregnant and don’t know what the gender of my baby is yet because I haven’t had an ultrasound since the 10 week mark but my fiancé and I don’t want clothes based off gender we don’t want everything to be pink or everything to be blue so we picked a theme for the nursery and kind of went with that for clothes as well so lots of gray and white and stars and moons…. We are both against bows and making everything a specific towards a gender. So we just put gender neutral clothes on our registry

  • Kristin M.
    09/15/2021 21:45

    As an adult human woman, I too demand more clothes with dinosaurs and functional pockets.

  • Sunny D.
    09/15/2021 21:36

    I just want to say, that there does exists companies that make great clothes that ware well for both girls and boys. Also girls and woman, need functional pockets in their clothes.

  • Julia H.
    09/15/2021 20:13


  • Martina M.
    09/15/2021 19:58

    I made most of my daughter’s clothes when she was about 2-5 years old - 3 years later I had a boy. You can dress a girl in boys clothes but you can’t dress a boy in girls clothes (or you will be judged by your peers)

  • Red R.
    09/15/2021 17:30

    Comment about girls clothes ego for teen & women’s as well!! We ALL need pockets, all style options!!

  • Red R.
    09/15/2021 17:27

    We had green & yellow (admitting I loathe pink 😝) themes for our girls in early 90’s (we didn’t want to know their gender before birth)....and both evolved as doll-playing + outdoor types....focusing on experiences vs “things”! (I also stayed cleared of clothes with statements) Now 29&30, they LOVE “femming up” to go out (make-up & clothes hounds! LOL) much as they do hiking, fishing & deer hunting as wildlife biologists! Would LOVE it if our retailers & movie/cartoons didn’t so strongly try to dictate preferences by typical gender-izing in toys & clothes, and fairly represent choices. In all fairness to commercial programming, don’t expect society’s habits to change to yours overnight. Habits change with time, not force. (* btw, not to confused me ever believing young children have the means to understand their genders to the point of any mental/health professionals to address. Their minds are still absorbing, learning & trying for their first 10-20 yrs!!)

  • Megan H.
    09/15/2021 16:21

    The size difference is what confuses me. Happened to me the other day, same brand, same table even but the boy shirt fit looser and the girl shirt fit much snugger