• Tamela G.
    14 hours

    These are the VERY reasons I sewed almost all of my now 22 year old daughter’s clothes when she was little.

  • BJ D.
    18 hours

    So I agree if you want this for your family and child you should be able to get it. But there are those who still prefer to dress up their girls in glitter frills and tutus. Neither is wrong.

  • Brooke A.
    18 hours

    told you dresses were dumb

  • Amber H.
    19 hours

    Having boy/girl twins I totally agree with all of this!!! Girl clothes are smaller and tighter and there’s not many different color options either.

  • Sma E.
    20 hours

    Lillie needs dinosaurs 🦕 and functional pockets 🙌🏽

  • Amilie S.
    21 hours

    Absolutely. At my son’s 4th birthday party this last week, he was blowing out the candles which were designed to keep re-lighting as a joke. As if prompted, several people started joking about how many girlfriends he must have and what a dog he must be. He’s 4. What does it take to get people to stop sexualizing children. Ffs. But when I pointed out, after mind you, I didn’t want to enforce those stereotypes on my son, I’m the asshole “ruining everyone’s fun”. He’s four, and I am sick of people making excuses for sexualizing literal children.

  • Manda H.
    a day

    I absolutely hate buying clothes for my oldest daughter! I hate it because of how disappointed she gets when what she would like to wear does not come in her size. She is a healthy girl, why not make clothing just as the boys clothing fits? Her Brother's clothing fits her perfectly and they are the same size. A lot of what is offered in her size shrinks and just is not durable... I can't explain how much I have spent on clothing items for them to only be worn a few times because the material shrinks. I'm incredibly thankful for jeggings! My daughter is a fan of Minecraft and Roblox, it would be nice to see it in the girls section. Better yet, combine all of sections making it neutral and not necessarily gender-related....

  • Tanya L.
    a day

    It depends where you shop at, there are clothes out there that are neutral for both boys and girls. Everything for a girl isn’t pink with really stuff. I’ve raised kids for over 30 years and I make sure people buy neutrals when having showers I’ve seen dresses for girls with boats, I’ve seen sleeps not pink with dinosaurs and all that good stuff for girls. You have to go to serval stores you have to shop around

  • Cat L.
    a day

    The damn Pink 🙄

  • Justine D.
    2 days

    Awesome. Go for it! People will support you.

  • Annie W.
    2 days

    My daughter buys online... all kinds of modest clothing for my 2yr. Old grand daughter. Also helps she works at a thrift store and finds some of the best clothing for her. I babysit her 5days a week. If I don't like something mostly because it's ugly lol... I won't put it on her. She is a child. Not a woman and we dress her as she should be.

  • Eva A.
    2 days

    I would love useful pockets on women’s clothes

  • Tierra W.
    2 days

    So I'm not crazy?! Girl clothes are less durable?! 😳😧🤯😡

  • Tali L.
    2 days

    Thank you! Exactly what I was thinking and what happens to us when we dress our 15 month old daughter in "boys" clothes

  • Lena R.
    2 days

    Great comments. Don't let this problem rest and keep calling it out for what it is.

  • Teha T.
    2 days

    since kak ayu and along ada anak perempuan 💖

  • Patricia K.
    2 days

    I was dressed all pink and people still asked if I was a boy. Mom desperately gave me earrings at 6 months old. On the pockets, I absolutely hate fake, senseless ‘only for fashions’ shit like that.

  • Erica S.
    2 days


  • Brian T.
    2 days

    No one is going to date your baby, it’s a joke, like she’s beautiful but off limits, get it, Chill out captain PC. My 3 year old daughter LOVES pink and purple and ruffles. The only bathing suit’s we have are one pieces, I’ve never even seen a two piece her size. If you don’t like sayings like that don’t buy it. We have shirts like that and shirts without those sayings, we have practical clothing and girly clothing, we choose outfits depending on what we’re doing. The size thing is true in adult clothing as well. I heard once that men like to think of themselves as big or tall and woman prefer the opposite so clothing companies adjusted the sizing for human feelings. Some of what he said may be true but none of it has been a problem or us.

  • Maud B.
    2 days

    Well said, I do some shopping in the boy section for my 10 and 8 years old daughters. They just said they needs more comfortable pants and not skinnny. Easier for playing. They re girly too but the codes are so strong !

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