Timeline: Donald Trump on the covid crisis

Donald Trump just tested positive for coronavirus. Here's a look back at his ambivalent relationship with masks and social distancing since the start of the pandemic.

10/02/2020 12:58 PM


  • Eva R.
    01/28/2021 15:00

    .....he s disgusting!

  • Jason D.
    11/24/2020 16:42


  • Deirdre M.
    11/16/2020 03:38

    Always putting people down....a true BULLY

  • Ella F.
    11/15/2020 19:23

    Watch out for judging other’s especially You don’t the truth, God is the great judge, Don’t drill his brain’s with nonsense, 😇✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

  • Ella F.
    11/15/2020 19:16

    Mask’s take more, No Smoking : pollution: Heavy. Drinking: extreme tiredness: carelessness: un [email protected] etc amen,🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Anna C.
    10/31/2020 18:13

  • Donald C.
    10/13/2020 17:34

    I guess if one of your family members has gotten covid the didn't protect their self properly how are they any different than trump? Trump 2020!!

  • Elisheva R.
    10/10/2020 14:27

    They also did not wear a mask. So dont blame it only on Trump. I have seen everyone of other political presidents, deligates whatever thEY are did not wear it when thEy met up with him or he met up with them. And everyone shake his hand. Gosh that is thE worst way they can spread it to him or vice versa but because of protocal people think he would be nasty not doing it. No matter what he is doing he is being constantly critisized for it. But the previous presidents no matter what side of politics were also critisized constantly with whatever they dO! So Trump is nOt to blame for causing deaths of Covid in America. Wake the f*$ up Covid was in every country and he was not there president! Whe all know where it came from!, right China! Whether it was created in a secret lab testing on bats or from the Wuhan meat market where they eat any shit from bats to dogs and snakes etc, and the Wuhan labatory lab was not far from the meat market also, strange... But now we also cannot hate every chinese person for this! Anyway stop listening to CNN political hatred media brainwashing against Trump!. By the way i live in South Africa where its much worse but even our media have been hijacked by political siding. I cant believe that people are so tjupid to believe everything reported on media as the TRUTH. And many times their methods have been proven as milicious. Just as advertising use brainwashing methods to convince people to buy it no matter it bad for their health!. Hey guess what i also got Covid despite wearing my mask, kept my social distance, washed my hands regularly, kept my house clean, avoid touching people etc etc. Thats just part of unfortunate events in life!. That is the same with other flu-like virusses. One moment you are ok, the next moment you are ill and can die from it. We all can die whether it by eartquakes or other natural disasters, get into a car-accident, get hit by a bus or whatever may come our way. We all die some day, whether it sooner by an unfortunate event or just simply old age. We should stop blaming each other whether you this side of the fence or the other side of the fence. I am not a Trump-fan nor am i either against him. But dont spread hate, like yeah he deserves it. Gosh are you God to deside who should deserve this or that!? Pleaaase spread love and rather wish him well than wishing him death by saying he deserves to die. Project Nightfall is a good site on facebook how this man desided to change his life around and spread goodness to others even if we dont think they deserve it. Ok thanks for hearing me out. Spread love, nOt hate.

  • Varun P.
    10/10/2020 06:15

    tum logo ko Trump se kya lena dena hai ? Chup chap India ki news dikho

  • Ajungko J.
    10/09/2020 19:29

    The clown of America 😅😂😅

  • Junia E.
    10/08/2020 14:30

    This us why when he stop lying an really gets Covid-19 he's going to have a brutal painful journey into hell. He's going to die. Right now he's faking the virus by using it as a publicity stunt. Its going to get him an his suffering will be brutal got all the lives lost under his watch

  • Vijay R.
    10/08/2020 11:52

    He seems more sensible to me instead of lock down everything. Few people over scared to virus

  • Abhimanyu S.
    10/08/2020 08:25

    Why dates, everyone experience this COVID-19 for the first time,,, so don't use old pictures to give a wrong view

  • Daniel S.
    10/07/2020 17:18

    Stupid trump Smart Biden🙏

  • Reza A.
    10/07/2020 10:44

    I see other candidate is boring. But this president is funny. Maybe Americans love funny character so they elect him.

  • Salma D.
    10/07/2020 01:02

    Beda tui bohut shoktishali😒

  • Adarsh Y.
    10/06/2020 18:52

    Fuck u Trump.. Obama must have been in charge. U fucking killed more than 2 million lives.

  • Eva L.
    10/06/2020 15:30


  • Alan S.
    10/06/2020 12:01

    During 4 years presidency, Trump has some efforts and contributions to America or Americans, a lot of people keep doubting the truth of his Covid infection; anyway the conclusion for this election is how to make America or Americans great again toward to the bright future. Trump may did have some mistaken during this 4 years presidency, we should give him a chance to offset those mistakes and make America great again.

  • Tone S.
    10/06/2020 11:59

    U know they have the cure .buts it’s not for everybody’s.i though America it’s theeeee land of the free.but I was sad.

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