Timeline of Sex Abuse Cases Against Jeffrey Epstein

For over a decade, Jeffrey Epstein faced minimal consequences for allegations of sex trafficking. Here's why that might change soon.

Jeffrey Epstein's mystery deepens

Financier Jeffrey Epstein has been charged with sex trafficking of minors in New York and Florida. The multimillionaire pleaded not guilty. A woman told police in Palm Beach, Florida that Epstein molested her 14-year-old stepdaughter. A police investigation ID’d over a dozen girls who say Epstein abused them according to the Miami Herald. Police tried to bring charges of unlawful sex acts with a minor against Epstein, but the case was sent to a state grand jury.

The police then referred the case to the FBI, which opened an investigation. The U.S. Attorney’s Office prepared a lengthy indictment while Epstein’s legal team started negotiating a plea deal. Epstein struck a plea deal overseen by then-U.S. Attorney In Miami Alexander Acosta — formerly President Trump’s labor secretary. That deal allowed Epstein to plead guilty to lesser state charges, including soliciting prostitution
from a minor. Sentenced to 18 months in jail, Epstein only served 13. He was also allowed to spend six days a week at his office. Epstein’s accusers were not notified of the non-prosecution agreement. Before resigning, Acosta defended the deal. The non-prosecution deal was made public. Epstein’s accusers filed more than a dozen lawsuits against him. Flight logs showed high-profile politicians and celebrities flew on Epstein’s jets in the early 2000s — including former President Bill Clinton.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed court papers in Florida Accusing Epstein of forcing her to have sex with lawyer Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew, Duke of York when she was underage. They denied the claims. The Miami Herald published an investigative series detailing how Epstein avoided federal prosecution. Reporter Julie K. Brown identified about 80 victims. Four spoke on the record, including Giuffre. It ended with sexual abuse and then intercourse. And then a pat on the back. On July 6, Epstein was arrested at a New Jersey airport. FBI agents also searched his $77 million New York townhouse. Trump distanced himself from Epstein, after praise showered on him in a 2002 New York magazine article resurfaced. Bill Clinton issued a statement. On July 12, Acosta resigned as Labor Secretary. If convicted, Epstein faces a maximum prison sentence of 45 years.