• Leona D.
    a day


  • Semir B.
    2 days

    Ma on je caknut malo

  • Ryan B.
    06/10/2020 03:38

    real timeline of when he was informed..... what he did.... or didnt do in that case...

  • Ann B.
    05/29/2020 07:34

    Can someone just get rid of this stupid person please. He talk absolute rubbish!

  • Bernhard S.
    05/23/2020 00:54

    Ich kann nicht soviel essen, wie ich🤮 muss, wenn ich diesem 💩Haufen zuhöre..🙈Sorry- aber...

  • John H.
    05/20/2020 14:40

    But I had already sold all my chicken 2 days ago. I will no need covid-19 from next week. I will make political chaos after that. Thank you for your help.

  • Tuan S.
    05/09/2020 23:24

    Please Americans don't believe the Donald trump U believe then u die

  • Roger M.
    05/02/2020 23:30

    And what were the Democrats doing through all this!!!!!...............nothing...

  • Pete M.
    04/29/2020 17:19

    What a fkn rocket . Jail the fkr

  • Ray S.
    04/26/2020 23:19

    Your doing well Trump 980,000+ virus cases 56,000+ died 26 million unemployed. Hundreds and thousands of businesses bankruptcy. Hundreds and thousands going to be homeless. And you think you have done well? You have destroyed America and it isn't over yet.

  • Josephine L.
    04/26/2020 12:22


  • Appah W.
    04/26/2020 12:06

    So where is the problem with regards to this video. What is wrong in saying It's under control when you are actually doing everything to put it under control? I think some of the interview questions he was responding to needs to be included in the video too. Depending on the time the statement was made, it could also have been under control.

  • Sumedh S.
    04/26/2020 10:46

    He is just a puppet. US was never run by Presidents. It's run by CIA

  • Martin J.
    04/26/2020 08:16

    50000 dead Americans, and counting. You told us nothing serious

  • Elin H.
    04/25/2020 11:05

    "he knows many words"

  • Robin J.
    04/25/2020 09:14

    He is one of the most narcissistical psycopaths I have ever seen...and I work with psycopaths for a living...

  • Tanya M.
    04/24/2020 06:00

    Oh you poor buggers

  • Kimmie T.
    04/23/2020 23:14


  • Kevin C.
    04/23/2020 21:44

    He proves himself an idiot day after day

  • Dixie H.
    04/23/2020 08:27

    We live you love you