To save money on rent, he moved into his cubicle

His employers refused to give him a performance review or a raise. So this man moved into his cubicle at work ... because he couldn't afford his rent. Here's what happened next.

03/29/2022 5:41 PM


  • Janie M.
    05/09/2022 07:20

    He was original & a problem solver, very articulate. Interesting video

  • Ayoka A.
    05/08/2022 15:48

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  • Michelle E.
    05/08/2022 13:08

    huh try europe, all we can afford is a room in a shared flat, aged 40/50 too when most of the rooms available are still being aimed at students or under 35s,

  • David A.
    05/08/2022 11:24

    You can thank BLM for that. Someone has to pay for the biggest price tag for the most destructive violence in American history.

  • Genevieve A.
    05/08/2022 11:18

    No matter what Job your R. TAKE JOB NEAR YOUR House saves money and saves time. Well Job salary is another Factor.

  • Elizabeth M.
    05/08/2022 10:24

    Recently when interviewed for a job that requires a Masters, Bachelor, sorcialised training, IT skills, experience, initiative, care and professionalism, and dedication. In interview they said they expected their employees to be married or not live in the country to afford to work there - so not a living wage. They offered the job, but dropped the hourly pay that was mentioned in the interview so that with the hike in petrol, I would be out of pocket for travelling to work; living wage is a minimum - employee motivation is the next consideration.

  • Stiv K.
    05/08/2022 06:47

    Performance review yada yada.. maybe its bcz he decides to take liberties upon himself in many situations. This being one of them. Wonder if thats why they didnt give it😂

  • Stiv K.
    05/08/2022 06:45

    So was he stealing electricity and teas etc too? Lol how dumb smh

  • Stiv K.
    05/08/2022 06:43

    100sq ft? Is he over exaggerating? A bedroom is literally like 200 at least. A studio ive seen can be as large as at least 500 sq ft or something. Tf he talking about? Lol new york aint even got 1300 with 100sq ft

  • Rachel E.
    05/08/2022 05:26

    George Costanza did it first😉

  • Kenneth M.
    05/08/2022 04:53

    yeah move away screw them i live in mexico and work in the us its great

  • Kathy D.
    05/08/2022 04:02

    Bahaha! Legend ! I might just do this , I have everything I need to live comfortably at my work place 🤣🤣🤣🤣 they would never know 😝😆

  • Jasmine A.
    05/08/2022 01:58

    I just need to know one thing.....where did you get these onesies...because I need them all.

  • Jessica S.
    05/08/2022 00:58

    The most powerful asset we all have is our mind, if it is trained well it can create enormous wealth message Mentor foundation she has helped a lot of people attain financial freedom and economic security.

  • Gary H.
    05/08/2022 00:23

    I Did The Same Thing.. At Work..

  • Elizabeth P.
    05/07/2022 22:59

    So did you get a better position and with the respect you and any human deserves ?

  • Jelo H.
    05/07/2022 22:20

    300 dollars for that small apartment???? 😱

  • Rhonda d.
    05/07/2022 22:12

    way to save money and buy a house and a cello?

  • Doreen M.
    05/07/2022 22:02

    So move.. it's like California and now Arizona we love ❤️ it.but real-estate is outrages!! It's almost should be a crime to make workers pay more just because.minimum wage is higher. .

  • Sonam S.
    04/08/2022 19:22


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