To wear or not to wear a mask ...

To wear or not to wear a mask ... Here's how the country has dealt with masking since the start of the pandemic.

08/12/2021 12:48 PMupdated: 08/12/2021 12:50 PM


  • Tina W.
    09/25/2021 09:13

    Stupid stupid yanks-no change there then!

  • Leslie Brenda
    08/22/2021 07:25

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  • Tamesha R.
    08/13/2021 19:24

    Ah fed up oye

  • Jessica H.
    08/13/2021 17:00

    Wearing masks for the health & safety of others isn't any different from traffic laws. There's multiple variants because of people that refuse to use common sense & refuse to show any regard for the lives of others- especially children & the more vulnerable people who would've been less likely to have contracted COVID-19 or it's variants.

  • Jeremy J.
    08/13/2021 15:25

    People who wore masks, practiced social distancing and got vaccinated live to tell their tale. Trumpers… not so much.

  • Larry T.
    08/13/2021 09:41

    So I just looked at all the profiles that laughed at this post, and only 2 out of 9 at the time I checked are even from the US, and the other 7 are all from countries with EXTREME COVID POSITIVE COUNTRIES, STUPID IS WHAT STUPID PEOPLE LAUGH AT!

  • Kevin P.
    08/13/2021 08:43

    Americans , to hear promises but hate to accept the reality....

  • Autumn M.
    08/12/2021 19:05

    We need God not masks

  • Ezell J.
    08/12/2021 18:16


  • Lester I.
    08/12/2021 15:57

    Yes they will be wearing masks in 2022

  • Albert H.
    08/12/2021 15:31

    For [email protected] just where your masks as instructed by the authorities and stop this [email protected] once and for all now..

  • LA M.
    08/12/2021 14:06

    love to see nonmaskers in ccu

  • Tony T.
    08/12/2021 13:12

    I am wondering,did they end up in hospital bed? Good!! LoL 😹😆 hahahaha 😆😂 hahahaha

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