Tomi Lahren benefiting from Obamacare

Hmm, so this is embarrassing: Tomi Lahren admits to benefiting from Obamacare after years of criticizing it!🤔

07/31/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Janel P.
    07/31/2017 17:23

    What Tomi meant to say was Thanks Obama!

  • Anne C.
    07/31/2017 17:26

    She's a joke.

  • Pulkit S.
    07/31/2017 17:32

    I hate it when rich privileged people advocate laws to make the lives of the poor hell but benefit from the very things they criticize and even abuse the system to take tax payer money from the people who need it the most.

  • Emmanuelle S.
    07/31/2017 17:34

    The hypocrisy of conservatives is astonishing!

  • Kara L.
    07/31/2017 17:36

    This is hilarious

  • Robert S.
    07/31/2017 17:39


  • Shaun S.
    07/31/2017 17:40

    This bitch is still on her parents insurance?

  • Fred T.
    07/31/2017 17:42

    Sounds like she was playing us lol

  • Joevanie L.
    07/31/2017 17:47

    This tart is brain dead. She hot but thinks rocks are her friends. Sing it with me, 'This lonely bishhh'.

  • Jermaine L.
    07/31/2017 17:48

    so much for being a conservative

  • Billy A.
    07/31/2017 17:51

    Remember hillarys emails *insert sarcasm here*

  • Dominic C.
    07/31/2017 17:52

    This bitch is so stupid

  • Ryan E.
    07/31/2017 17:53

    Y'all just realizing how dumb she is...?

  • Carlos G.
    07/31/2017 17:54

    Ain't this a bitch lol she hates obamacare but she herself uses it...and that a bitch like all her bitching was for nothing lol come on now

  • Christopher A.
    07/31/2017 17:55


  • Tahir D.
    07/31/2017 17:57

    She is definitely a puppet. If her boss told her to do something for that cash she would probably do it.

  • Julianna K.
    07/31/2017 18:00

    Bozo realizes that "Obama care" was originally a republican idea in the early 90s that was repealed and later pick up by democrats with a few slight adjustments right?

  • Kathleen S.
    07/31/2017 18:01

    Is she saying that it would cost too much on her own if she went on Obamacare? Or, don't you get penalized if you don't have medical insurance so maybe that's it? I'm not defending it but if the cost of either buying it or the penalty for not buying it is more than being on her parent's insurance then that's her beset option financially. She doesn't look like she can't afford it though ....

  • Mario C.
    07/31/2017 18:02


  • Daniel R.
    07/31/2017 18:06

    She should be saying, "ThanksObama"