• Gina T.
    05/15/2018 00:34

    Who's gonna wake her up! She's blond and moronic.

  • Rick O.
    04/25/2018 09:39

    Handler got peed on she lost all rights to criticize anyone for anything

  • Raul A.
    04/09/2018 21:43

    This law been in place since before obummer.

  • Eddie M.
    04/04/2018 05:03

    Welfare baby that DOG DON'T HUNT .SCENARIO OOPS KARMA.

  • Dan P.
    04/01/2018 21:04

    Who cares, take your top off Tomi 👍

  • Anthony L.
    03/22/2018 06:16

    Study, by researching what the Republicans have done to alter Obama Care from the original law. Do this before you make any comments if you want to know the truth.đŸ€”đŸ˜Ž

  • Papo C.
    12/27/2017 02:18

    Don't drink the milk IT'S SPOILED !

  • Anthony L.
    12/14/2017 03:42

    Tomi, you should be embarrassed mocking Obamacare, yet you are enrolled in Obamacare!

  • Lee-Antony R.
    12/13/2017 13:55

    Nothing new just crackers being crackers.

  • Nora I.
    11/27/2017 15:33

    You wake up

  • Brenda M.
    11/22/2017 19:56

    You still living with your parents grow as woman I would be ashamed to say that Obama care it working for us lady sit your ads on the floor.

  • Dezo A.
    11/20/2017 11:14

    What a dumb asshole she needs her ass kicked...

  • Dion K.
    11/18/2017 13:56

    Will somebody just assassinate this bitch already.

  • Georgia N.
    11/16/2017 08:30

    Who cares what this twat says or does..

  • Wes S.
    10/25/2017 03:58

    Conservative ignorance at it’s finest

  • Felicia O.
    10/22/2017 15:41


  • Kevin M.
    10/18/2017 13:12

    Dumb blonde bet your taking advantage of the system

  • Mikey A.
    10/08/2017 16:49

    I dislike this girl

  • Kaylynn M.
    08/03/2017 16:13

    we could get married and I could still b under them!

  • Edward B.
    08/03/2017 04:12

    CornFlake(s) A Cornflake is best used to describe a Trump Supporter on social media. Not a republican or conservative, there's a difference. Just like Cornflakes, Trump supporters are politically bland with ideas, emotionally brittle if spoken against, and mentally ridged when expressing unity amongst all people. Up close they may be unique, but when you deal with them on social media, they all blend together till you can't tell the difference between them. Their cleverness when they comment on posts only goes as far as using words like "libatard", "Obummer", and "MAGA".... All just to defend a person that is not fit to be president. it's true, it's real, make it known.

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