Top 5 Game-Changing Women in Congress

A record number of women were elected to congress in 2018 — and a select few have wasted little time shaking things up.

02/20/2019 6:10 PMupdated: 02/20/2019 6:40 PM
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  • Derek E.
    02/20/2019 15:42

    It really is sad that two of them, who are blatantly anti American, and filled with hate to the point that they would wipe specific people off the map if they could, were elected in this country. If we don't pull it together,we will fall apart. Because instead of working together, the media can't get over it's complete failure of not being able to pass off their lies,bias, and hate, and continues to push it daily, rather than work together.

  • Christopher J.
    02/20/2019 15:53

    Well, they help embarrass the democrats while helping orange man and republicans have an easier chance at taking back the house and presidency

  • MIkdad H.
    02/20/2019 18:12


  • Brut
    02/20/2019 18:17

    Watch Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hunt down Sen. Mitch McConnell during the government shutdown.

  • Lorena S.
    02/20/2019 18:18

    Good job!

  • Wendy T.
    02/20/2019 18:25

    These are not the right choices for America.😡

  • Ubaid K.
    02/20/2019 18:28

    What's this

  • Rocky G.
    02/20/2019 18:30

    I love these freshman Congresswomen.

  • Gpa D.
    02/20/2019 18:46

    U go ladies

  • Morshed M.
    02/20/2019 18:48

    what a ladies power...

  • Murat G.
    02/20/2019 19:04

    Kadın Egemenliği

  • Valli S.
    02/20/2019 19:32

    Go Get em

  • Alex E.
    02/20/2019 21:38

    These women are anti American and trying to take the USA. If you believe these woman then you’re a dumbass

  • Raine W.
    02/20/2019 22:13

    And the vast majority are beautiful woman of color! ❤😘💞😍 diversity is our strength

  • Aleks K.
    02/21/2019 04:19

    They are newbies, their josh will subside as days go by, they will know that they can't do nothing about it and fade away.

  • Latoya R.
    02/22/2019 00:45

    4 bitches that together, don't have the brain power of a slug. Bitches, public welfare whores. The treasonous, vial, shit that spews from their cock holster Each on should be tried for treason and a short rope applied

  • Susan G.
    02/22/2019 12:51

    Can’t stand any of them!

  • Justin D.
    02/23/2019 00:12

    Bunch of ass clowns!!

  • Kaytlyn G.
    02/23/2019 05:33

    2:17 minutes and not a single fact stated 😂😂😂

  • Mercedes A.
    02/23/2019 17:56

    They all suck lol. Trump 2020!