Top Army general defends teaching critical race theory

"I want to understand white rage, and I'm white." Top Army general faced off with GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz on critical race theory.

06/24/2021 5:35 PMupdated: 06/24/2021 5:36 PM


  • Michael B.
    07/07/2021 13:27

    White rage black Irish but whatever the rage is watching the pharmaceutical industries allowed by the government to exterminate a entire generation of human beings while generals and other political people jerk off to your pay raises

  • Otis H.
    07/05/2021 01:29

    And all my years I have never seen a man among men disarmed a slime ball politician in the way in the rhetoric and with the focus but I just seen today. What he was saying to that idiot politician I don't even want to say his name he wants America to live up to what it could be for all its citizens.

  • Ranga P.
    06/29/2021 02:40

    Explains why one is a respected military leader, the other is a, you know, no qualifications needed, politician

  • Carol N.
    06/27/2021 13:39

    Intelligent people just confound people like stupid matt gaetz.

  • Dan I.
    06/26/2021 18:47

    Well, I for one, am very outraged by his (M4s) outrageous ignorance of a insidiously fraudulent anti-fashist political movement cloaked in a civil rights cape. BL: maxisim is not consistent with our state's beliefs in a free-market society. And there is much more to his ascendancy to JCOS then we'll know. Sleep tight subjects.

  • Kathleen H.
    06/26/2021 17:03

    Of course they were trying to overturn the constitution. Did you not see and hear what I saw on TV? Better look again.

  • Edward T.
    06/26/2021 13:31

    We need stronger military leaders than this

  • Gregory C.
    06/26/2021 03:25


  • Jeff R.
    06/25/2021 11:24

    If General Milley wants to know what caused the incident on Jan 6, it was just as he stated.... the Government is trying to alter the constitution to their liking and we the people will not stand for it!

  • Manuel M.
    06/25/2021 08:48

    Well said 👍👍👍

  • Austin S.
    06/25/2021 08:25

    So for any of the non white people at the capitol riot, were they expressing white rage?

  • Bianca J.
    06/25/2021 08:15

    Isn't he being investigated for child trafficking or some such??

  • Stephen E.
    06/25/2021 07:47

    The General is a turn coat

  • Andrew S.
    06/25/2021 06:48

    General owning the GOP.

  • James D.
    06/25/2021 06:06

    Gaetz looks like the Devil.

  • Suwal S.
    06/25/2021 03:36

    Paedophile visibly caving in..

  • Johnny C.
    06/25/2021 03:23

    Can't wait to see him squirming in court.

  • Alison W.
    06/25/2021 00:55

    Gaetz looks like an actual demon

  • Marlon B.
    06/24/2021 23:49

    Any questions Mr. Gaetz?

  • Linda W.
    06/24/2021 23:10

    thousands of ppl?? i think not

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