Top3: Trump's Russia scandals

Cause you have a bad day 🎶 The day isn't over but things are already complicated with Trump regarding his involvement in the Russia scandal

05/30/2017 6:29 PM


  • Julian D.
    05/31/2017 20:25

    I'm so fed up with this presidency đź‘Ž

  • Aaron S.
    05/31/2017 18:40

    All presidents are criminals one way or another. You just use politics to boost your self esteem to make you feel superior to people who support the opposing party. Congrats

  • Mellaman S.
    05/31/2017 17:53

    It's not like da states haven't been doing the same thing to foreign countries or anything lol

  • Jack M.
    05/31/2017 17:42

    When has it ever been a good day for Trump?

  • Keaver H.
    05/31/2017 17:02

    The people who believe this aren't paying attention.

  • Thanis v.
    05/31/2017 17:00

    History will never forgive Trump and his cult...I meant followers!

  • Fernando A.
    05/31/2017 16:44

    I wish we could have Putin as president, people respect him more!!!!

  • AgustĂ­n C.
    05/31/2017 16:31

    Let's get that impeachment started people!

  • Jaimie O.
    05/31/2017 16:29

    the more you know :)

  • Onur Ç.
    05/31/2017 15:39


  • Tommy E.
    05/31/2017 14:57

    Fake news for the "slow" people. Notice how in the first clip they leave out the follow up question? The one where he asks, is there ANY evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump? The answer is no... But go ahead and believe what they're feeding you libtards. CNN won't make it through the next EIGHT years. Have a GREAT day. MURICA!!!

  • Miguel S.
    05/31/2017 12:59

    I knew it Hillary won my prediction stands

  • Argiry P.
    05/31/2017 12:02


  • Josh B.
    05/31/2017 11:57

    Wait I thought they weren't spying on Trump? Now they're saying they were. So evidence that he couldn't get the details for?

  • Brad B.
    05/31/2017 11:27

    HAHAHA Flapper says one thing on another network and says another thing on another. This guy lied before Congress and "The Source" from CNN really? They still think Hillary won!!!

  • Carlos A.
    05/31/2017 10:05

    Wow wow wow

  • Ty B.
    05/31/2017 08:17

    Say what you want but if this were Obama...he would NEVER have been elected. And if it were Hillary...she'd be UNDER the jail, with THIS much scandal. The fucking hypocrisy of these FAKE-ASS "patriots" and Republicans is disgusting.

  • Shannon E.
    05/31/2017 06:49

    Tell Congress how you feel. Text the word "resist" to 504-09 to start using resistbot. It takes about 30 seconds to set up then only a few seconds for each fax

  • Elise V.
    05/31/2017 06:22

    I can't imagine what could be the derogatory information. Between joking about special needs, menstruation, violence against PoC, and sexual assault, what could there possibly be that would tarnish his image? All these instances happened BEFORE he was elected. Golden showers or no, his base doesn't care. He is invincible.

  • Luke K.
    05/31/2017 05:38

    Nobody cares

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