Traveling Conservationists spread the word to save the world

Explorer’s Passage isn’t for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies — it’s for nature lovers ready to fight and protect our planet. 🌲

Seeing Is Believing For Traveling Conservationists

For Explorer’s Passage, it’s not enough for people to see the natural environmental world. They want to actively protect wildlife. Explorer’s Passage organizes expeditions all over the world, where volunteers work with local communities to promote conservation, sustainability, and respect for nature.

“We bring climate change leaders, about 90 to 100 each year, we teach them about climate change we show them what's going on and we teach them about leadership so they can come home and be advocates for the environment so we can help the planet.”

Jeff Bonaldi is the empowering founder and CEO of The Explorer’s Passage, an adventure travel company. Bonaldi’s mission is to help with global issues by the facilitation of expeditions across the planet. Previously, Bonaldi spent 15 years in leadership roles within the financial industry and sat on various advisory boards.

“We also partnered with the conservationist Jane Goodall on this where we planted two thousand trees at the base of Kilimanjaro. Jane was so kind to actually join us for about six hours the day before we started climbing where we planted the last 41 trees. She gave a talk to our group, had lunch with us, and it was actually it was a thrill for everyone.”

Visitors actually seeing the spaces they’re trying to protect is key to show people the gravity of what’s at stake. 36% of UNESCO World Heritage Sites are at risk from changing climates according to IUCN. In addition to positively impact the environment, The Explorer’s Passage aims to help travelers on a personal level.

“If you want to just do a normal type of adventure whether you're going to New Zealand and going skydiving; it's really not what we do.