Trump 2020 campaign's main targets

The "radical left," "totalitarianism," "angry mobs," "looters"... The Trump 2020 campaign has a clear set of targets and even clearer set of talking points.

07/06/2020 4:38 PM


  • Wayne K.
    08/01/2020 17:18

    Vote BLUE in November and make America proud again

  • Ian E.
    07/30/2020 11:55

    Now we see the problem with democracy....

  • Dan T.
    07/29/2020 17:38

    The only one destroying the country is YOU YOU BRAIN DEAD MORON 🖕

  • Joe B.
    07/29/2020 14:55

    Trump Rules

  • Victoria W.
    07/28/2020 00:27

    Not the people that take money from daddy

  • James J.
    07/27/2020 06:28

    he is The Real Undeniable Mental President incase you missed it the capitols spell out TRUMP dump the chump

  • Roger R.
    07/24/2020 20:14

    Everything that comes out of your mouth is always toxic

  • Ethan C.
    07/21/2020 05:14

    do I know you mathew wilbur

  • Charles W.
    07/21/2020 02:55

    Just stop....stop!!!😠

  • Seli S.
    07/20/2020 18:43

    I wonder what he use to fix his hair 🤔

  • Thomas V.
    07/20/2020 13:04


  • Robert M.
    07/20/2020 00:06

    Trump is a disgrace to all humans and a disgrace to the presidency

  • Wil H.
    07/19/2020 23:44

    Trump is becoming crazyer by the minute

  • Wil H.
    07/19/2020 23:43

    What a Imbecile fool this President is, he is not capabel to be President of America he is a danger for America and the rest of the world

  • Kaye C.
    07/19/2020 10:41

    They need to erase Donald Trump lol

  • Kevin V.
    07/17/2020 16:09

    Equality is only a 'radical leftist' idea to a tyrant. Where's all those '2nd amendment Patriots' who are supposed to be defending us from tyrannical governments?

  • JoAnn S.
    07/17/2020 13:24

    What propaganda! Lies, false statement.

  • Anders H.
    07/17/2020 01:43

    The american dream is on life support at best. It’s nothing but an empty phrase.

  • Gary R.
    07/16/2020 19:26

    Trump will

  • Markus C.
    07/16/2020 19:11

    .....Not Even the Trumps

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