• Gwenneth M.
    2 days

    People can change their mind give me a break! At least Trump did a better job leading the country! The country is in a mess right now!

  • Jathan T.
    3 days

    You idiots are still crying about Trump, no wonder our country is falling apart

  • Rochelle E.
    3 days

    Flip-flopping, two-faced, disingenuous, phony, and smarmy. A megalomaniac for those who worship bad, reality television. He's their hero and I pity seven-million Americans.

  • Kenn N.
    3 days

    Who would be friends with this LOSER ?

  • Richard K.
    4 days

    Hate is all he has. Worthless piece of crap

  • Mats E.
    5 days

    Have they found the screw, that was lose, yet. The one that hold all the others. 😊

  • Dave D.
    5 days

    Trump’s correct they all deserve credibility for there great deeds. Obviously their hearts were not in the same place as Trump’s was for America. Trump’s heart and his passion for America and Americans was Comprehensive and Totally Loyal as he only was trying his hardest to make America great again but the Swamp had their own selfish agendas. Pence should of stopped this Farce that Americans are enduring at this present time. Very sad time for so many Americans Citizens and their Families.

  • Louis M.
    5 days

    Melania should be looking over her shoulder, any day now, or do it first...

  • Barry G.
    5 days

    Wouldn’t it be nice if all the Trump supporters watched this from start to finish. Mr. Trump is not the kind of person one would want to know. Is he I just being vindictive or is mentally unstable? He is the one who selected these people to work with him and now are incompetent.the Strange.

  • Donald B.
    6 days

    Back stabbing and worst president ever!!

  • Tyrone M.
    6 days


  • Annemie V.
    6 days

    Wat een ongelofelijke hark!

  • Valter J.
    6 days

    This former president is such a bad person a crook a conman a failure Thank god he’s done ! Hope he’s gone for good! Sayonara

  • Dwayne H.
    7 days

    Hmmm. Makes you wonder where the problem lies? Couldn't be SwUmpass!!!

  • Patricia O.
    7 days

    Best felons anyone could ask for.

  • Jathan T.
    7 days

    Nobody cares about how much you hate trump! Get over it already!!!!!

  • John M.
    7 days

    Nobody wants to listen to this grifter.

  • Deirdre M.
    04/09/2021 07:31

    Thank God they are gone...

  • Nancy D.
    04/09/2021 00:45

    Is this before or after you wanted him dead?

  • Bobby D.
    04/08/2021 15:02

    Still one of the dumbest false statements ever made, actually thinking, a vise president, could over turn, a hundred and eighty million voters. Good riddens Mr Pumpkin.

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