• Henry L.
    08/03/2020 13:25

    Why people think they know more than he does is amazing. Why would anybody wear a mask when he is tested daily?? People who should wear them are people who could be infected.. PPE experts agree as even Fauci did not wear mask or social distance at ball park. Why?? They were all tested.. So please think before commenting on what is simple common sense.. He is not a role model.. Eventually nobody will be wearing these masks which do not prevent any senior from dying in senior homes..

  • Pribadi R.
    08/01/2020 12:25

    This guy timeline might have a reverse feature on it. Do something stupid and then pretend to be nothing later on.

  • Lori J.
    07/28/2020 19:25

    Is American people Happy that Trump wearing a Mask Now.🤔Or do you really care at all🤔

  • Edward S.
    07/26/2020 14:45

    You two faced pathetic president

  • Zarianna S.
    07/26/2020 07:32

    He cared more about what the press thought of him than wearing it for protection of everyone 🙄 smh

  • Reginald D.
    07/25/2020 22:10

    What a complete and total moron

  • Abby G.
    07/25/2020 20:12

    "I had one on earlier" this guy man😹 I feel bad for finding him so funny, but I can't help it😅

  • R R.
    07/25/2020 16:49

    No Obamagate is really complicated. Like the editors at Burt.

  • Sarah A.
    07/25/2020 14:25

    DUDE I LOVE HIM 😂 He knows well that this is all about mind control and not about safety, Man, if yall think he’s stupid for not wearing a mask yall need some Oxygen, you been breathing in carbon dioxide for too long. 😂

  • Tenzing N.
    07/25/2020 11:46

    This man will destroy USA...

  • Flomo M.
    07/25/2020 02:39

    The man can't even give a straight answer to a question,and he lies so much his lips can't keep up with his tongue 🥺

  • Kathleen R.
    07/24/2020 06:02

    Scientists have found that if everyone wears a mask in public, we could nearly eliminate the Virus! Trump politicizing the PLAGUE should warrant the Death Penalty! Reckless Endangerment! NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE! DERELICTION OF DUTY!

  • Chela C.
    07/24/2020 04:24

    This guy is so awesome him is the king the king him need to be the president of the world. LoL

  • Alec U.
    07/23/2020 19:01

    your mate

  • Bobby R.
    07/23/2020 16:28

    Lier no-trump2020

  • Orlando M.
    07/23/2020 06:47


  • Jason B.
    07/23/2020 02:52

    Peanut 🥜

  • Janice N.
    07/22/2020 19:30

    Might be an improvement to wear a mask!!💩

  • Eze G.
    07/22/2020 07:46

    He havent ask his supporters to flood the streets with people?

  • Dan P.
    07/22/2020 02:22

    See Karen if your boss can were a mask you can were a mask.(Come on you can do it) Hahaha ✌️😆

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