• Nicolas E.
    08/12/2017 00:41

    he should look up the Sampson option... you probably should as well.... (nuclear weapons were viewed as the ultimate guarantor of Israeli security,) but stop iran stop NK stop just stahhhhhpp unless youre our friend for now...

  • Ian M.
    08/12/2017 01:31

    This guy should wear a bell

  • Damir A.
    08/12/2017 10:55

    This man is truly a retard and we are no better

  • Hailey G.
    08/12/2017 12:09

    Is it possible for him to shut up for ten seconds...

  • Jordan S.
    08/12/2017 12:17

    The father of dragons

  • Jay H.
    08/12/2017 12:26

    Damn I wish we kind of had Dragonball so I can wish everybody who going to get killed back

  • Ruben S.
    08/12/2017 12:45

    Todo pendejo omg make up your fucking child mind

  • Kaleb D.
    08/12/2017 12:59

    We'd spear head the world with its nuke clean up. Of course being both the last to "denuke" and also the cou try that holds a few just incase someone else starts making them again c:

  • Victoria E.
    08/12/2017 13:18

    *nervous noises*

  • Wallace M.
    08/12/2017 14:19

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 hes like a deck of cards in an endless shuffle. Or maybe playing a chess game in the middle of a concert....im sooo confused right now. Just WTH is goin on?? I think imma go fold the dishes and wash laundry😵

  • Katie C.
    08/12/2017 14:38

    Dude the end is coming 😂😂 we're so fucked

  • Will L.
    08/12/2017 14:57

    To all his supporters that thinks this dumbass has balls just remember he was the guy that dodge the draft 5 fucking times and had the nerves to say anyone captured during the war isn't a hero.

  • Connor L.
    08/12/2017 15:34

    Meh. While I don't like the idea of retaliation nuke, I think we should be ready to counter strike. And I do support the idea of denuking the world.

  • Whitney M.
    08/12/2017 15:45

    He going to get us killed

  • Jorge C.
    08/12/2017 16:41

    wassup w your boy... and when is the wall being built. Talk talk talk

  • Brittney C.
    08/12/2017 17:01

    Our country is going to hell in the hands of an orange monkey.

  • Kip D.
    08/12/2017 17:14

    Yeah he said they were going to use sanctions against NK oh wait he did. He also said if NK launched a nuke it will be shot down and well destroy their nuclear facilities before it even gets off their coast. Yeah you die hard liberals sure are stupid AF.

  • Cesar A.
    08/12/2017 17:40

    youre going to war

  • Gerardo G.
    08/12/2017 17:41


  • La Q.
    08/12/2017 18:01

    I feel like he just always wanted to use the line " fire and fury will be brought upon you" . Like , he's been practicing that for a while