Trump and Macron Clash at NATO

Trump and Macron are back at each other's throats — again.

Bromance to Frenemies?

President Trump slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as "two-faced" after video surfaced of some of the world's top leaders at the NATO summit in London appearing to laugh at his expense. Asked about the video during a bilateral meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump said of Trudeau, “he’s two-faced.” But it was the length of Trump’s interactions with the press that appeared to be the source of Trudeau’s riff. Trump then abruptly canceled a planned news conference with reporters in London. "When today’s meetings are over, I will be heading back to Washington," Trump tweeted. "We won’t be doing a press conference at the close of NATO because we did so many over the past two days. Safe travels to all!"

In a video shared by the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and French President Emmanuel Macron are seen with others, including Princess Anne, having a conversation at a reception at the Buckingham Palace about a press conference earlier in the day. Trump had made an impromptu conference and weighed in on the ongoing impeachment inquiry as well as the scorching exchange he had with Macron over France not taking back any ISIS fighters. The video went viral on social media, many assuming the world leaders were talking about Trump.

Beforehand, Macron and Trump clashed over ISIS fighters. “I have not spoken to the president about that — would you like some nice ISIS fighters?” he asked Macron, when asked about ISIS fighters from Europe captured in Syria. “I can give them to you, you can take everyone you want.” After Macron’s answer, in which he urged Trump to “be serious” and called for a broader push against ISIS overall, Trump took another swipe. “This is why he’s a great politician, because that’s one of the greatest non-answers I’ve ever heard,” Trump joked.


12/03/2019 9:21 PMupdated: 12/05/2019 2:53 PM
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  • Carlton E.
    7 hours

    It would be nice if the Eurowienees would step up to the plate and do their share.

  • Helen M.
    10 hours

    this is a joke

  • Theresa C.
    10 hours

    Trump is an idiot! Embarrassed for The U SA !

  • Brandon H.
    10 hours

    Oh no! This is news? France is currently paralyzed by mass protests, and America has just posted some of the best jobs numbers in decades.

  • Yohn J.
    10 hours

    He gets along really well with Putin though!

  • Sandy T.
    12 hours

    Send them to Canada! Trudeau has a great rehabilitation centre for them... they can be reintegrated into society without a glitch!

  • Marie F.
    12 hours

    Thank you for educating Trump!!! The problem is he is unable to understand the words!!!

  • Victor T.
    12 hours

    that’s why he’s a great politician because this is one of the greatest non answers that i’ve ever heard 😂😂😂 .. MOUKHIF ❤️

  • Ruby Y.
    14 hours

    Yes, President Macron dont approved Turkey to be a Member at NATO, but history tells that Turkey was also a Longtime member of NATO. One thing that is proof was UN and NATO and all Member Organizations has prevented World War and Global Poverty and Keeping International Laws intact.

  • Ben M.
    16 hours

    watch this. Brutal.

  • Jason T.
    17 hours

    Trump got schooled... again... by another foreign leader. So embarrassing. We don’t look like a superpower as long as Trump is our illegitimate President

  • Edmondo A.
    18 hours

    Macron is scum piece of trash

  • Meher H.
    18 hours

    Both are Isis...... Behind the mirror

  • Ted S.
    20 hours

    Bravo to Trump!

  • Jeremy R.
    20 hours

    we need to stop fighting for and funding france and all of the eu

  • Adam P.
    21 hours

    Wasn't France having major protests and riots calling for Macron's resignation? Have all you morons already forgotten? He's a socialist P.O.S.!!!!!!

  • Adam B.
    21 hours


  • Dave N.
    21 hours

    It’s pretty bad when you get schooled on policy by someone who’s responding in a second language...

  • Paul R.
    a day

    Wow... This just hurts my ears and my eyes bleed when I watch this orange buffoon talk seriously

  • Bill R.
    a day

    a buffoon