Trump and the "Radical Islamic terrorism"

President Trump and "Radical Islamic terrorism:" does Breitbart News influence the president's rhetoric?

09/20/2017 3:31 PM


  • Kevin M.
    10/18/2017 13:19

    Trump, your such an asshole that is well hated you sleezeball

  • Tiah G.
    09/21/2017 20:49

    Ok im going to name the enemy now, Donald Trump!!

  • April M.
    09/21/2017 15:39


  • Veronica C.
    09/21/2017 15:03

    Just STFU already

  • Genaro G.
    09/21/2017 14:45

    I agree call it by its name.... shame the devil

  • Gregorio P.
    09/21/2017 14:24

    Some of these Muslim are white too

  • Leonard R.
    09/21/2017 13:31

    It's people like all of you that are a disgrace to this country not trump and 75 percent of all of you don't know a dam thing

  • Robert S.
    09/21/2017 13:28

    Hey... trump does nothing but call out those who take American jobs to other countries! To call out those who need to bring back companies to the U.S to make "America Great Again". YET.... trump, YOUR president, after 9 MONTHS, STILL has his and Ivankas clothing lines and other products made in MEXICO, CHINA and INDIA!! đŸ€” Hypocrite?!!!! THE BIGGEST ONE OF HIS KIND!!!

  • Cruz A.
    09/21/2017 13:13

    Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far. -Theodore Roosevelt

  • Bigg R.
    09/21/2017 13:02

    He worried about religions need to be worried about North Korea

  • Albert D.
    09/21/2017 12:55

    Clown...what does he know...3rd grader

  • Teri C.
    09/21/2017 12:38

    our president says what he damn well pleases...face it...if you dont like it...dont listen....

  • Fyetaine F.
    09/21/2017 11:21

    What about the radical Christian terrorist (white nationalist,kkk) Or the radical Catholic terrorist(rome,the queen of England who owns half the damn world)

  • Brandon J.
    09/21/2017 11:08

    Fucking idiot.

  • Zechariah K.
    09/21/2017 10:51

    He's saying radical Islamic terrorism because that's what it is. He's not saying all Muslims are terrorists, he's saying that there is a problem with radical Islamic terrorism which is the case. Why mask it? It's a problem. Of course there's other terrorist problems with other types of people, but the moronic ones here in the US are only here, while radical Islamic terrorism is causing attacks in many other countries. And the left is supposed to be MORE intelligent? That's why I'm neither. Both sides are borderline autistic.

  • Al M.
    09/21/2017 10:44

    sure lets put a name to the enemy....TRUMP

  • Gloria H.
    09/21/2017 10:38

    You mean like white nationalist or the KKK .Or maybe the Nazis. As you call em good people?

  • Willie C.
    09/21/2017 08:23

    What about the history of RADICAL CHRISTIAN TERRORIST. How can white people, racist or not, EVER call ANY group TERRORIST, with all of the KILLING that they have done, I'm this world, in the NAME of christianity?!

  • Jim G.
    09/21/2017 06:34

    Go Trump

  • Ivn V.
    09/21/2017 06:00

    All for the banking cartel that this tramp backs up 😂

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