Trump and the "Radical Islamic terrorism"

President Trump and "Radical Islamic terrorism:" does Breitbart News influence the president's rhetoric?

09/20/2017 3:31 PM
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  • Ired Z.
    09/20/2017 16:59

    What a joke.

  • Imran A.
    09/20/2017 17:11

    lol @ 'radical Islamic terrorism' #SMH

  • Ahmad R.
    09/20/2017 17:23

    So you're telling me these people that follow their holy book feel legitimized because the American president says so? 😂 wow OK

  • Ershell F.
    09/20/2017 17:40

    Conservatives finally got to say it. Radical Islamic terrorism! Oh, wow, the power the words have! They're so devastating. Our enemies can't take the pain of the words! We won, they were right all along that if we just said radical Islamic terrorism, our enemies would be defeated............ No, but really, nothing happened. He finally said what they claimed Obama should have said to defeat isis, and nothing happened... I guess the magic power in the words dessipated.

  • Diego E.
    09/20/2017 17:49

    Wow he acts like whites dnt do notin wrong stupid pres we have

  • Diamond E.
    09/20/2017 18:03

    Meanwhile he is the actual enemy

  • Jacob S.
    09/20/2017 18:26

    If only he would mention and legitimize the radical conservative terrorism that has been crippling the united States since the Regan era.

  • Jonathan W.
    09/20/2017 18:42

    You all have the IQ of a potato but that might be an insult to starches :-/

  • Rashka B.
    09/20/2017 18:57

    Your terrorize person from know on you are not freed world prasident.

  • Pedro A.
    09/20/2017 19:04

    And what of radical supremist terrorism?

  • Laura L.
    09/20/2017 19:15

    Trump needs to shut his pie hole, and deal with his domestic terrorism before he can go around pointing fingers at everybody else!!

  • Kyle B.
    09/20/2017 19:38

    Guess what, gropenfeurer and co? I've never been threatened by a Muslim. I have been threatened many times by right wing nut jobs with trump propaganda clearly on their person. So you can g.f.y.s.

  • Cheri L.
    09/20/2017 19:40

    This dumbass, bloodclot keeps giving the terrorists more recruitment ammo. I am waiting or the civilized world to cast us out and leave us and NK to annihilate each other so the rest o the world can move on with life.

  • CountryMuscle K.
    09/20/2017 19:47

    Like how Islamics destroyed Black Wall Street, committed mass murders, and lead the most heinous crimes in American History? Oh wait, that wasn't Islamic people who did all that. Who were those terrorists?

  • Bob H.
    09/20/2017 20:21

    So, it's fixed now right? Everything is solved because the magic words were spoken.

  • Abu S.
    09/20/2017 20:55

    All over the world Muslims are getting killed and still Muslims are terrorist? When ISIS means Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

  • Edgar V.
    09/20/2017 21:11

    U got to love him n hate him lol

  • Darrylmichell D.
    09/20/2017 21:50

    He's an idiot Seriously they are the terrorist..

  • John L.
    09/20/2017 21:52


  • AL H.
    09/20/2017 22:40

    United nations... Sorry.