Trump Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts are supposed to be non-political... But guess what President Trump kept talking about when he spoke to them?

07/25/2017 4:30 PM


  • Judy W.
    07/26/2017 16:29

    You are the one who is a sewer mouth.

  • Judy W.
    07/26/2017 16:27

    He is a total disgrace.

  • Jay M.
    07/26/2017 14:49

    This prick

  • Michael N.
    07/26/2017 14:32

    Big, fat, orange PIG

  • Josh N.
    07/26/2017 12:37

    The liberals are all about sexuality in the Boy Scouts. Adamant about trans kids in the Boy Scouts, etc. Hypocrisy.

  • Pierre V.
    07/26/2017 11:32


  • Sohaib A.
    07/26/2017 09:45

    Isn't the media supposed to be neutral? Just report the news and leave it upto the people to decide what's right and wrong.

  • Raymond H.
    07/26/2017 02:04

    Liberals keep telling me how political children of any age can be and we should listen to their opinions?! But when our President talks a little Politics to the future leaders of America he said too much?? I know it's tough and confusing but please try to make up your mind and stick to something!!

  • Nancy L.
    07/26/2017 01:38

    He can't help him self. He is an awful man child.

  • Gordon B.
    07/26/2017 00:20

    Democrats preach hate and love of being faggot, F U Liberal sissys.

  • Karen C.
    07/26/2017 00:15

    Aaargh he is sickening

  • Nevin S.
    07/25/2017 21:58

    SADLY- "NEWS" is supposed to be neural too- I guess BRUT didn't get that memo.

  • Lynn M.
    07/25/2017 21:08

    He lied to the BSA, telling them he would Not talk politics. Turned it into a campaign rally instead.

  • Angie S.
    07/25/2017 19:22

    Dear god this is disturbing.

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