Trump celebrates Bastille Day

While in Paris, President Trump finally got the military parade he has been dreaming of! (Not sure that the Daft Punk Marching Band Remix was part of the dream though.)

07/14/2017 5:02 PM


  • Zach B.
    07/16/2017 17:08

    Yall quick to say "selective editing" but not with Brut are you serious. This is a real news source that is making a negative point about a president because he doesn't like the music at a military parade..... cmon people your better than brut

  • Donnie P.
    07/16/2017 06:57

    Hes just a ignorant dumb ass

  • Mai A.
    07/16/2017 05:51


  • カサス サ.
    07/16/2017 04:04

    All I can hear is The Königgrätzer Marsch from Last Crusade

  • Danny d.
    07/16/2017 02:57

    You know its bad when the Pentagon doesnt even wanna please the president😂😂

  • Melissa N.
    07/16/2017 02:33

    We all need to stop reading and commenting on anything this narcissistic brat does. He loves hearing about himself and he thrives on attention. Stop giving him the attention!

  • Jonathan C.
    07/16/2017 01:35

    God you guys will find anything won't you he just looked tired but ok if it makes you feel better

  • Yuliana C.
    07/16/2017 00:41


  • Rick T.
    07/16/2017 00:33

    The fake president in France 😂

  • Sammy C.
    07/16/2017 00:02

    But mmmmooooommmm, I want a parade

  • Benjamen L.
    07/15/2017 23:56

    He always Stubs hand shakes haha n looks bored hahha

  • Jarod S.
    07/15/2017 23:28

    He's a 71 year old man I'm pretty sure daft punk wasn't around when he was young and we'll you know how old people are about new music lol

  • Tay N.
    07/15/2017 21:57

    That parade sucked

  • Eduardo J.
    07/15/2017 21:07

    "I could be watching Fox news right now"

  • Crystal E.
    07/15/2017 21:01

    Grumpy old sour puss!

  • Mary M.
    07/15/2017 20:58

    Lol, what a tool.

  • Daryl W.
    07/15/2017 20:45

    Please somebody enlighten me on why he doesn't like what the band is playing. I'm truly lost and need to be educated. Cause you can definitely tell that he doesn't like it.

  • Mentat E.
    07/15/2017 20:26

    I wonder if anyone told him what bastille day is all about ...

  • Maxwells S.
    07/15/2017 20:02

    That hair LMAO

  • Roney I.
    07/15/2017 19:55

    Trump already wants to name his Inauguration Day to be called patriots day and now he wants a military style celebration to go with it? Hell no other presidents don't even ask for that big of a privilege unless they done something for this country that no other president has done before.

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