Trump Doesn't Understand How Wind Power Works

"When the wind doesn’t blow, they tend not to do too well. Right?” 🙄 Apparently President Trump doesn't quite get how wind energy works.

03/31/2019 10:21 AMupdated: 01/02/2020 2:44 PM


  • Svea R.
    08/17/2021 02:31

    God, he's an idiot. Glad we got outta that before he could do any more damage.

  • Gary V.
    06/30/2021 02:08

    He really is an idiot. Amazing how he was voted in as president, when he is just a tv show prop.

  • Brenda V.
    02/22/2021 20:37

    There are no fumes or gases from wind turbines for clean energy nice try Trump but American people are not that gullible and know the truth. Obviously the American people are smarter thanYou

  • Michele B.
    01/18/2021 23:00

    Thank goodness he is gone and I hope he stays gone . He is so stupid and ignorant

  • Stacey M.
    01/17/2021 20:10

    One wind turbine with the expected run time of 20 years only takes 5 to 8 months to pay itself off so really cost efficient the biggest downside to wind turbines is visual and noise

  • Stacey M.
    01/17/2021 20:06

    Solar and water damns produce energy on days winds are not powering wind mils

  • Jari L.
    01/14/2021 06:08

  • Rebecca S.
    12/24/2020 13:30

    look up how the steel is made for these windmills. look up how the batteries are made for these windmills. look up how every component on these machines are made including the wire that is run to the power the grid. Look up the machines used in putting these windmills up and servicing them. then look up what happens to the old parts that cannot be used. Do some homework people!

  • Col S.
    12/22/2020 23:32

    Trump your a bloody nut job.

  • Bernie R.
    12/22/2020 13:54

    Hahaha! This sounds familiar! You should talk to our previous President. 😂😂😂

  • Angie K.
    12/20/2020 23:58

    One hell of an IDIOT

  • Adeeb T.
    12/20/2020 08:02

    Trump is very entertaining. First class, Clown. 😀

  • Jeffrey M.
    12/19/2020 23:39

    Every time he speaks, he generates lots of hot wind.

  • Mary J.
    12/18/2020 16:05

    He is a total moron.l have never heard such stupid things come out of anyone else's mouth.He is brain dead.

  • Chelinda M.
    12/16/2020 01:01

    dear lord the words coming out of his mouth make me sick

  • Greg N.
    12/15/2020 23:27

    What a moron. And to think that after nearly 4 years of this fool, 75million Americans voted for four years more of the same.

  • Fabian H.
    12/14/2020 04:01


  • Gerald W.
    12/13/2020 08:00

    What a genius

  • Kevin N.
    12/13/2020 02:13

    What an idiot

  • Phil R.
    12/10/2020 19:57

    Idiot 🤡

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