Trump Harvey x3

• SPEECH TIP • If you need to do several speeches in a short amount of time: use just one script. #lifehacks #howto😏

08/31/2017 5:50 PM


  • Judy E.
    09/07/2017 18:19

    He wouldn't know historic or epic if it flattened his fat ass

  • Antonio R.
    09/01/2017 14:48

    Honestly people will complain about everything, even after he donated 1mil before you say"well that's like 11$ to him" how ignorant do you have to be to talk crap about someone who donated 1mil to the victims of Harvey, so instead of being the bitchy bitch can't you be grateful for once. Seriously read some comments just shows people just want to backlash trump for no reason. Be happy for once, and stop looking for a reason to bitch about

  • Eliana D.
    09/01/2017 10:29

    Stop worrying about The President and Help TEXAS Now please!

  • Chris R.
    09/01/2017 06:06

    but then the liberals want obama and hillary fucking up the country they don't want someone like Trump that is for American and it Citizen and doing what is needed to improve the country. I Voted for Trump and Support him 100% as a Retired police officer that Supports our troops and our country.........

  • Dulce C.
    09/01/2017 05:22

    lol someone give him a dictionary so he can expand his vocabulary 😂

  • Ray L.
    09/01/2017 05:18

    This president is trash

  • Eric P.
    09/01/2017 04:53

    I'd like to thank President Trump for his leadership! Here are a fraction of his accomplishments: Appointing a foreign agent as the National Security Advisor knowing he was under investigation. Appointing an anti-civil rights and known racist as the Attorney General of the United States. Lowest approval ratings of any president at this point. Attacking and ignoring the science of climate change and the EPA. Appointing unqualified and incompetent individuals such as Pruitt, Devos, Carson, and Perry. Rolling back protections for transgender students. Refuses to release his taxes just like any presidents have for the past 40 years. Losing the respect and the title of the Leader of the Free World. Under investigation by the FBI. Failed mission in Yemen. Two failed Muslim bans. Disastrous anti-middle class and anti-environment executive orders. Failed repeal of Obamacare. Striking an already empty airbase in Syria to distract from low ratings and the Russiagate. Awkward and embarrassing meetings with foreign dignitaries. Inviting racist clowns like Ted Nugent and Palin to the Whitehouse. A ton of golfing. Obsession with President Obama. Taking credit for Obama's accomplishments. Accusing Obama of wiretapping him with no evidence whatsoever. Tweeting non-sense at 3am. A whole lot of lies. No transparency. Most ethically challenged administration in US history. Most secretive administration in US history. Nepotism by giving family members important jobs and deals. Cronyism by appointing billionaires to his cabinet. Proposing massive tax cuts for the rich like himself. Allowing a banned pesticide proven to be dangerous to be used again. Falsely claiming navy ships going toward North Korea. ISIS remains in large despite his promises. Congratulating a Purple Heart recipient. Introduction to connotative terminology such as snowflakes, alternative facts, fake news and bigly... Targeting national monuments created by Obama and Clinton. Signing a bill that allows your private data sold to the highest bidder. Cutting after school programs, and meals on wheels. Wasting millions of tax-payers money by wife and kid not moving in to the Whitehouse. Promoting Mar-A-Lago by Sate Department. Settled multi-million dollars lawsuit against his fraudulent university. Dropping one of the largest non-nuclear weapons on earth to kill only 94 ISIS terrorists. Allowing offshore drilling. Slowest GDP growth in 3 years. (Fair to blame him since he took credit for good jobs numbers in January and February) Worst jobs report in nearly a year in Mach. Making it easy for mentally insane to buy guns. $1-3 million weekly trips to Florida. 1$ billion lost in tourism. Inviting a thug like Duterte to the Whitehouse. Saying "I would be honored" to meet the Dear Leader of North Korea. Not having a clue about the history of United States as the president of the United States. Rolling back healthy school lunch standards and Let Girls Learn program promoted by Michele Obama. Firing the FBI director amid investigating him and his associates on treason. Leaking classified intelligence to Russians. Obstruction of justice by asking the FBI to drop the investigation into Flynn. Demanding loyalty from the FBI. Proposing deep cuts to public school programs. Signing an arms deal worth billions of dollars with the world's largest sponsor of radical Islam subsidized by the American taxpayers. Palling around and dancing with tyrants, thugs, and extremists like Putin, Duterte, and Saudis while abandoning democratically elected heads of states and our true allies. Pulling out of Paris Climate Deal and joining the club of Syria and Nicaragua. Inventing the word "covfefe". Politicizing terrorist attacks and insulting the mayor of London. Funneling money intended for children's cancer research to his private accounts.i Blaming Qatar for terrorism and putting US troops stationed there at risk while praising Saudi Arabia which is the godfather of extremism. Actively under investigation for obstruction of Justice. Calling AHCA "mean" after celebrating it in the Rose Garden. Getting sued by over 200 lawmakers and attorney generals for violating the Emoluments Clause. Undoing Obama's legacy with Cuba and bringing back the bankrupted bans on trade and tourism. Proposing to ban immigrants from receiving welfare for 5 years when it already exists. Bragging about his rich cabinet and saying that he doesn't want poor people in his cabinet. Admission to lying about having tapes of his conversations with James Comey. Sexist attacks on journalists and obsession with blood and women. Promoting violence against the media on Twitter. Unprecedented trashing of the US media and previous US presidents on a foreign soil like Poland. Shaking Putin's hand warmly and patting him fondly on the back for interference in the US election, like nothing has happened. Bottom line is that we're tired of winning and can't take it anymore.

  • Elizabeth R.
    09/01/2017 02:14

    me w word counts

  • Rachel W.
    09/01/2017 01:57

    Looks like Melania isn't the only one who likes to borrow speeches

  • Adam D.
    08/31/2017 23:23

    So because he gave his speech several times at different places that's news worthy to you? Why write different speeches, if you got a good one why fix what ain't broke.

  • Jamie C.
    08/31/2017 23:14


  • John T.
    08/31/2017 22:28

    Such empathy 😂😂😂aga

  • Michelle H.
    08/31/2017 22:16

    I mean by now it is pretty expected. All of his speeches follow the same pattern, might as well make it the same speech to make it easier on him. He has more important things to worry about such as ruining Healthcare, and ruin the environment, and talk crap on people who not only have as much of a sensitive ego as him but also have bombs and a short temper.

  • Tidani B.
    08/31/2017 22:06

    Lmao rip

  • Emma C.
    08/31/2017 22:02

    They can't trust him to wing it after the grab her by the pussy bs

  • Jacob G.
    08/31/2017 21:49

    Lmao i need take this for song nd remix it ....his his historic it its ep ep ep epic .....😂😂😂😂 he stuck on stoopid

  • Jonathan W.
    08/31/2017 21:10

    He donated 1 millions dollars also

  • Nancy T.
    08/31/2017 21:08


  • Christopher R.
    08/31/2017 20:20

    He can never please you liberals, can he? At least he actually went to support the victims. Thats more than you guys can say.

  • Alex W.
    08/31/2017 19:07

    That's because it's a stump speech because he's campaigning, not running a country.

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