Trump Incites Bomb Threats Against Notable Democrats

The notable Democrats who were sent bombs have more than that in common — President Trump's feelings toward them.

10/26/2018 12:01 AM


  • Steven P.
    11/10/2018 04:33

    Soros never paid me, he must of forgotten me, Soros where oh where is my pay check Trump said your paying me oh Soros

  • Juan F.
    11/01/2018 10:37

    Everyone you just mention in the video are traitors to the unites states. They should all be in jail for crimes againts the people of the united states.

  • HM H.
    10/31/2018 18:52


  • Hsieen A.
    10/30/2018 17:54

    حيوان الله ينعلك

  • Gerardo M.
    10/29/2018 20:49

    This clown has to be impeached

  • Marilyn C.
    10/29/2018 05:14

    Don't for get Obama people who vote an work for him too DEMONS ALL OF THEM THAT FALLOW HIM DEMONS U WILL SEE

  • Lucas V.
    10/29/2018 02:57

    give it up. fake news at its best.

  • Juan D.
    10/28/2018 16:38

    Ladies and gentleman “ president Trump”

  • Kathy L.
    10/27/2018 23:20

    This is deplorable.

  • Lilijana K.
    10/27/2018 14:17

    This little little tiny orange piece of garbage 🤣🤣🤣

  • Muhammad A.
    10/27/2018 07:55

    america elected this clown as president? what a shame

  • Dani K.
    10/26/2018 20:49

    Everyone said before that isis created USA

  • Peter C.
    10/26/2018 20:27

    Too bad they didn’t detonate their intended tatrgets

  • Lisa M.
    10/26/2018 20:17


  • Zevi D.
    10/26/2018 19:12

    That means u.s.a. is the founder of isis.

  • Rob M.
    10/26/2018 18:44

    Gladio psy ops. Attacking themselves, instead of civilians. This is a "new" technique by our rulers.

  • Bill M.
    10/26/2018 18:11

    if you dont see that they manufactured the whole thing for sympathy points youre blind

  • Cynthia K.
    10/26/2018 16:46

    some nutball that loves tRump

  • Jawad H.
    10/26/2018 16:00

    george 🤣

  • Shwetang S.
    10/26/2018 15:33

    None of them blew ... seems like a democratic gimmick

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