Trump Met With Protests at Veterans Day Parade

"We love the vets and we want to see [Trump] out of this country." This is the message demonstrators had for the president as he spoke in New York on Veterans Day.

As Trump spoke, a mixed crowd – watched on screens and lined the streets

President Donald Trump was a lifelong New Yorker until he ran off to Washington to become president. And yet the city he once called home didn’t exactly give him the warmest welcome back that weekend, when he gave a speech in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park ahead of the 100th annual Veterans Day Parade. As Trump spoke to Veterans, protestors could be heard chanting “lock him up!” and “traitor!” Behind him, skyscrapers towered over the park with signs spelling out “IMPEACH” and “CONVICT” in massive black letters stuck to the windows of the building.

“Do I have a message for the president? I thought you moved out of this town. Why are you coming here again? Please stay away. I’m actually here with my father on my heart. He served in WWII. He was a lifelong Republican, registered Republican. The only Democrat he ever voted for was FDR, but if he saw that this man was president, and what he’s been doing, and how he’s representing, or seeming to represent veterans — and it would’ve been my father who died a few years ago here today — he’d be ashamed and outraged and he’d be glad that I was here,” protest organizer John Walker tells Brut. 

This isn’t the first time Trump has been rebuffed in public. He was also booed heavily at Game 5 of the World Series at Nationals Park in Washington and a UFC fight in New York. Meanwhile, he travelled down to Alabama to receive a more favorable reception. He did not acknowledge the protests saying: “To every veteran here with us, to the thousands preparing to march on Fifth Avenue ― it’ll be really something ― and to the 18 million veterans across our country, the first lady and I have come to express the everlasting love and loyalty of 327 million Americans,” the president told the crowd of about 200.


11/11/2019 10:57 PM
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  • Greg R.
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    Your stupid

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    The only Thing trump as Done , is to Bash Minorities, but of course White Folks find it a Great Achievement ...... Using Slick Words to Hide Racism .... " Make america Great again" ... america was never Great , but it sure was White back in the Day .... so they are trying to Say make " america White Again"

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    Conservatards On Here! Sad! Trump Doesn't Care About You!

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    Trump 2020

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    Was this idiot raised in America.

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    he is the only president who cares enough to help the vets this moron has been listening to the wrong news WAKE UP BOY

  • Edna A.
    11/28/2019 21:46

    I wish these people would get a life. I lost my dad in WWII and I don't blame Trump. He was not the only president that didn't go to war. Uniform doesn't make a man a man. To me always finding fault makes them a poor excuse of a man.

  • Byron U.
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    I'm sure your dad would be proud that Elizabeth Warren offer a bill to revoke 20 Medal of Honor winners why are sheeple so stupid

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    Best president ever !!

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    And your Father fought to uphold the Constitution. If you don,t like him, vote him out and quit your sniveling!

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    Why dont u leave fool