Trump on white supremacy

Will Donald Trump directly disavow white supremacist groups? He didn’t during the debate. And it isn’t the first time he dodges the issue...

09/30/2020 12:56 PMupdated: 09/30/2020 12:58 PM


  • Daniel A.
    01/04/2021 12:52


  • T.D. L.
    10/09/2020 12:54

  • Juda R.
    10/07/2020 02:40

    Were you not listening. You poop

  • Randy R.
    10/05/2020 20:00

    White supremacy is controlling the black vote? Check the 1995 crime bill, Biden isn’t for Black Lives. Let me ask this, Biden touches little kids inappropriately. There’s videos so you can see how bad it is. The question is where is your morals?

  • Dragan D.
    10/05/2020 19:12

    Evil Biden and Clinton 👿👿

  • Chase W.
    10/05/2020 08:32


  • Trish F.
    10/05/2020 01:37

    President Trump’s Broken Promises to the American People DESPITE HIS PROMISES, THE PRESIDENT CONTINUES TO FAIL WORKING FAMILIES!! The President campaigned on numerous promises to the American people, and four years into his presidency, he is letting the American people down on pledge after pledge! HEALTH CARE Trump Promise: “We’re going to have insurance for everybody… We’re going to have a healthcare that is far less expensive and far better.” REALITY: Promises broken for repeal and replace current healthcare program over four years. Instead of working to make health care affordable for Americans, President Trump and his Administration have repeatedly sought to undermine protections offered by the ACA through executive orders and the courts. In fact, he is seeking to strike down the law and its protections entirely. LOWERING PRESCRIPTION DRUG PRICES Trump Promise: “When it comes time to negotiate the cost of drugs, we are going to negotiate like crazy REALITY: House Democrats passed transformative legislation that takes the unprecedented step of giving the Department of Human Services the power to negotiate directly with drug companies and making the lower drug prices negotiated by Medicare available to Americans with private insurance as well as those on Medicare. The President refuses to work with Democrats to enact it into law. GROWING THE ECONOMY AND RAISING WAGES Trump Promise: “‘Under my administration, the era of economic surrender is over and the rebirth of American industry is beginning… “ REALITY: While Trump inherited a strong economy, his policies are preventing its benefits from being broadly felt by all Americans. In fact, his signature economic achievement was a tax giveaway to the wealthiest Americans that did not yield the promised GDP growth of 6%, did not raise wages, and resulted in trillion dollar deficits. BRINGING MANUFACTURING JOBS BACK TO THE U.S. Trump Promise: “Trump has been boasting about creating manufacturing jobs…” REALITY: The manufacturing sector isn’t seeing the revitalization that Trump promised. “America's manufacturing downturn isn't letting up. “ INFRASTRUCTURE Trump Promise: “…The president promised during his campaign to ‘build the next generation of roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, sea ports and airports that our country deserves.’” REALITY: After agreeing the nation needs a $2 trillion infrastructure package, the President walked away from his own infrastructure proposal and negotiations over how to pay for it or any other infrastructure package. He has refused to lead on this issue. MEDICARE, MEDICAID AND SOCIAL SECURITY Trump Promise: “Save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts. Have to do it.” REALITY: After his tax cuts for the wealthy exploded the deficit, Trump said he’d consider cutting Medicare and Social Security programs. In a press briefing on Aug. 8, 2020 Trump said: “If I’m victorious on November 3rd, I plan to forgive these taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax. So I’m going to make them all permanent.” The term “payroll tax” means money 💰 taken out of your check to pay into the savings for “SOCIAL SECURITY”. Your employer also pays on your behalf into this savings plan. The payroll tax cut trump proposes will end Social Security! REDUCING THE DEFICIT Trump Promise: “[Trump] insisted that he would be able to get rid of the nation’s more than $19 trillion national debt ‘over a period of eight years.’” REALITY: Mr. Trump promised to pay off the national debt as president, but in three years in office, he has instead added to it with big tax cuts for the rich and increased federal spending. “ DRAINING THE SWAMP Trump Promise: “I'm proposing a package of ethics reforms to make our government honest once again.” REALITY: “The President was impeached due to his abuse of power and obstruction of Congress and many of his associates have been sent to prison or face criminal charges” He has created a bigger swamp Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and Michael Cohen, and Steve Bannon to name a few!! PREVENTING GUN VIOLENCE Trump Promise: Days after the El Paso and Dayton shootings, the President said that he would work with Congress to advance background checks. FAILED REALITY: the President fell silent on the issue, softened its urgency, and made no indication he would act. MAKING AMERICA SAFER Trump Promise: “We will lead our country back to safety, prosperity, and peace” REALITY: The President’s chaotic and impulsive actions have undermined foreign policy and national security. PROTECTING DREAMERS Trump Promise: “I hope we’re going to come up with an answer for DACA.” REALITY: “Trump thrust the future of millions of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children into peril by promising “NO MORE DACA DEAL,” these are individuals who are in school or who have graduated in professions : Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Social Workers and numerous other healthcare professions. Education was the key to be in this program! Quotes from and complete article.

  • James W.
    10/04/2020 21:54

  • Tom M.
    10/04/2020 17:42

    The debate was rigged. Trump 2020.

  • Scotty W.
    10/04/2020 07:59

    He said "Yes" but Wallace talked over it.

  • Novalyn N.
    10/04/2020 05:07

    So ....what does he mean by stand by? Telling them to wait for orders to do something bad? He make it clear what he means by that stand by statement

  • Rickygene M.
    10/04/2020 02:06

    CNN chris cuomo DEFENDED KKK clansman robert bird KKK grand master cyclops on national TV the other night he said it DEFENDED KKK. Joe biden gave an eulogy for his master at that funeral

  • Dennis E.
    10/03/2020 19:20


  • Daniel P.
    10/03/2020 13:00

    Looks like you put together some overwhelming evidence that he continuously disavows racism and bigotry in all its forms. Trump 2020!!!

  • Rs F.
    10/03/2020 12:44

    Any 1 against antifa is a racist can't ull see it

  • Rs F.
    10/03/2020 12:41

    Y antifa is a protest and the others are racist groups proud boys are now racist because they stand up and opposing antifa

  • Luke D.
    10/03/2020 12:39

    The Left have caused most of the violence. Never heard of proud boys before this debate

  • Daniel K.
    10/03/2020 11:44

    Become a Great dead General and Trump will respect you.

  • Hal S.
    10/03/2020 03:10

    Total BS!!! Con man

  • Alyson A.
    10/03/2020 02:46


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