Trump on why he pardoned Sheriff Joe

Why did President Trump pardon Sheriff Joe on Friday? Because he “assumed the ratings would be higher” because of the hurricane.

08/29/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Cheryel C.
    08/29/2017 14:23


  • Jessica A.
    08/29/2017 14:34

    This isn't fucking TV this is real life, real life people's lives...

  • Trevor M.
    08/29/2017 14:43

    The ratings??? Wtf is he even talking about anymore.

  • Karen W.
    08/29/2017 14:46

    He can stick his rating up his ass ... Waste of time and money this man .. Useless to America

  • Jason G.
    08/29/2017 14:53

    This thing has no soul.

  • Emy Z.
    08/29/2017 15:00

    No pos wow! Impeach him already!

  • Susie G.
    08/29/2017 15:01

    Facebook, can you add a vomit reaction button?

  • G L.
    08/29/2017 15:05

    So they can keep the population low he wants people dead just like Bush knocked down the towers they know what they be doing keep your eyes open see s*** for what it is

  • Sade B.
    08/29/2017 15:07

    A joke smh

  • Evelyne G.
    08/29/2017 15:10

    Here is your president people!!

  • Arbie V.
    08/29/2017 15:20

    I am surprised at you John, what a stupid question. Bet you're sorry you asked huh.

  • La-Vonn C.
    08/29/2017 15:30

    wth man

  • La-Vonn C.
    08/29/2017 15:30

    what is wrong with this idiot?

  • Mary A.
    08/29/2017 15:31

    told you

  • Lucky G.
    08/29/2017 15:39

    What in all of the fucks 😂 ratings?!? He only cares about ratings as if this is fucking tv show about being a president lmao wow

  • George S.
    08/29/2017 15:45

    It's for his TV show after he leaves the WH

  • Barbara C.
    08/29/2017 15:46

    He pardon him because it was the right thing to do. Mr. Joe did nothing wrong, he was up-holding the law on the books - a judge said he can't go after the illegals "As it is unconstitutional???? Let me tell you one thing, our constitution was written for Americans to abide by and NOT for those who come here for what they call "a better life" - illegally. I Am Not responsible to give them a better life. They are costing us, the American tax payers, a fortune - let them study our constitution, take and pass the U.S. Exam, become a citizen, get a job and pay taxes. Is that not fair?????? Remember folks, it is against the law to come into this country illegally - and once again I say, Mr. Joe was doing the job he was elected to do.

  • Esther B.
    08/29/2017 15:53

    Rating. Mad crazy

  • Drew G.
    08/29/2017 15:54

    What a cunt

  • Diogo d.
    08/29/2017 15:56

    Trump keeps digging his moral hole even larger... not an inch of humanity left on him... eventually even the people being emotially exploited, who he so cunningly made them think he's on their side, will realize just that... hope so! Impeachement! Please US, exercise your moral and civil rights, show the world that you can take a righteous moral stand! Everyone is waiting.