Trump’s Call for War on Cartels Spurned After Massacre

President Trump said it's time to “wage war” on drug cartels after nine Mormons living in Mexico were massacred. Mexico’s president had a sharp response.

U.S. Mormon family ambushed and slain in Mexico

The LeBarón family of Chihuahua was attacked by criminal groups, leaving a death toll of 9. The LeBarón family, American nationals, have been the target of threats, attacks and kidnappings over the last 10 years for their activism against cartels, violence and invasions in the area. Some of the family members who were gunned down and burned to death in northern Mexico this week, apparently by drug cartel members who mistook them for rivals, were visiting for an upcoming wedding from their home in Williston, N.D., according to a relative.

“Obviously, it’s very painful. Obviously, we don’t want these things to happen. But we don’t think that bombarding, massacring with the use of force, blood and fire will solve the problem. Look, four of my grandchildren are burnt. Shot up. Right on the road out of La Mora. This is the time for Mexico, with the help of the United States, to wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. We merely await a call from your great new president! We believe that violence - I’m going to say it again – cannot be dealt with violence. We got here because people wanted to put out fire with fire. People wanted to address the problem with coercive measures alone and we know what the result is. And although those who applied this failed strategy would want us to continue in the same way, the answer is a resounding “no”, family member Jhon LeBarón states.

The family has a ranch near the borders of the states of Sonora and Chihuahua. About 150 to 200 extended family members live there, and many others from the U.S. visit regularly, said Kenny LeBaron, 32, who owns a trucking company in Williston. LeBaron said he got updates from relatives on the scene through WhatsApp, an encrypted messaging system. In recent years, they requested protection from the authorities, but it was denied. President Donald Trump reacted, offering American intervention in the war against drugs in Mexico.


11/06/2019 7:13 PM


  • Oscar G.
    12/19/2019 18:13

    I'm I'm gonna be praying for you

  • Oscar G.
    12/19/2019 18:12

    God, have mercy

  • Deev R.
    12/03/2019 09:20

    I'm Mexican i live in México and i had seen thousands and thousands of masacres in México but never one like this 🤔🤔 it was too clean to be done by cartels, tbh this looks like someone needs an excuse to get the US Army close to the lithium.😒😂😂

  • Joshua L.
    11/30/2019 23:15

    Thought I don’t think retaliatory action is the answer, the total lack of action from the Mexican President shows how corrupt the government of Mexico is. He’s probably been paid off by the cartel leaders. Stranger things have happened.

  • Summer O.
    11/30/2019 22:45

    That's exactly why Mexico has such a high rate of people being killed or hurt. That's why people are always fleeing to the United States. Because there not fighting back against them, and just letting them do what ever they want. Even tho some don't believe in Trump's ways that would be one thing they need to take advise about and get help before it's to late and there not able to help. Even if it's not from Trump they need to do something.

  • Gerodney C.
    11/30/2019 21:28

    Then the same thing need to happen to the cartel family so they will understand if you have a problem with what say than confront them not kill their family

  • Jadi F.
    11/30/2019 20:49

    You have to be stupid Americans to go to Mexico or any where in the world that is clearly dangerous

  • Sammie S.
    11/30/2019 16:07

    Anyone else notice the footage was from 2011

  • Rafael M.
    11/30/2019 15:49

    Thoughts n prayers but when you have involvement in any cartel n don't do the right thing that's the consequences it's sad but u know the risks once u joined....

  • BriTenee M.
    11/29/2019 20:18

    Family has a bad history and rep soooo they out themselves in that situation

  • Lucio A.
    11/29/2019 17:43

    Well now Americans have an idea of what life is like in Mexico, amd Why so many people flee

  • Jacob O.
    11/29/2019 13:24

    Aw that poor cult.

  • Abraham C.
    11/29/2019 00:16

    Feel sorry for the kids ....🥺🥺🥺but before you open your mouth look it up on you tube the video of this family fighting the poor people in Mexico they where taking the Mexican people's land and also the water from they're villages etc....the people doesn't speak English please find someone can explain to you what's going on and watch the videos together so you know what the lebarons did to the poor people

  • Ace B.
    11/28/2019 17:04

    Haha trump has never said anything about cartels because he scared of them now because he put cartels name in his mouth he will die for trying to talk about the cartels. Cartels own everything even your border idiots

  • Neb N.
    11/28/2019 14:39

    I say arm the mormons like we do the Kurds and other groups and let them fight the war for us. Also give them the Intel to hunt down the cartels wives and children and gun them down to see how it feels. Simple solution

  • Anthony G.
    11/28/2019 13:51

    Because what yall were doing was a Sin.

  • Gail B.
    11/28/2019 03:42

    What took so long is my question!

  • Claudio S.
    11/27/2019 03:28

    and the cia de usa and the massacres of the schools are terrorists the Mormons knew that in Mexico they kill or did not care to live in Mexico now all over the world are growing many narcos the qualms and they are of the piticos why the humans are annoying trump don't take a lot of violence in the us bad climate

  • Allison E.
    11/26/2019 18:41

    I heard they were in a sex cult or w.e

  • Lucio B.
    11/26/2019 15:01

    This is not truth !!

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