• Tonya S.
    08/19/2017 22:36

    HE HAD TO "THINK"ABOUT IT???? Tadd Martin

  • Spades L.
    08/19/2017 10:05

    it's like pulling teeth omg

  • Jose A.
    08/18/2017 06:19

    Sounds and looks like your being forced to say all that you fake 2 face hipocrote

  • Adrienne H.
    08/18/2017 02:29

    Talk is cheap. But... everything he said is right, even if someone else wrote it

  • Tylor S.
    08/17/2017 18:38

    If you got time to run around tear down monuments run over people and mob up together.... I gotta say you clearly have no life cause I damn sure can't fit a damn single one of those in my schedule of three kids a wife and a 65 pound dog that needs walked every two hours. Smdh love one another and ignore the morons they will get theirs one day or the next..AND GET A LIFE

  • Gizmos G.
    08/17/2017 02:59

    The hair needs help smh

  • Lana F.
    08/17/2017 00:15

    Yes! It took the president two days to say the right things, but what really matters is that he did come through for the country. May we all learn from this ugly situation and band together in unity.

  • Justin S.
    08/17/2017 00:13

    When did he change his tune? Talking about we won't stand for bigotry and violence (a great thing!) but that's not how I remember him by during the election making a fool of himself. I swear this man is bipolar. Always changing his stance, but just an act, he wants to get another term. Which surely, he will not. And why did he have to bring GOD into it? Jesus... And I don't mean that literally

  • Jaewon P.
    08/16/2017 19:36

    A nation founded upon truth that all of us a created equal? I don't need sharingan to detect the fuckery.

  • Alex J.
    08/16/2017 14:23

    This a drop of water in a gallon of blood that has been spilt due to your followers and believers, take this message to heart and do something with your presidency. You are by far this countries worst president, fix it you orange igit

  • Orliande L.
    08/16/2017 13:11

    And let's be real, this is not him, this is a speech. You all say Obama didn't denounce, he was the first black president, if he had every tried to take sides you wld have crusified him more.

  • Orliande L.
    08/16/2017 13:09

    Wow white people just can't let the BLM name go huh. Just a name. The only reason why you call it a hate group. Cause u still can't say what hate crimes they committed

  • Robert T.
    08/16/2017 12:37

    would have taken obama two months. two days is just enough time for the dust to settle so he can make an accurate statement about it and not have to rescind anything

  • Chris J.
    08/16/2017 07:59

    He can read!

  • Asia C.
    08/16/2017 07:21

    "..and like I've said many times before, no matter the color of our skin we all live under the same laws.." my jaw dropped WHEN HAS HE EVER this is the biggest lie I've ever heard in my life 😂😂😂😂

  • Hayden L.
    08/16/2017 01:44

    ahahahah o wow just like the lgbt is equal right o and what the black lives matter thugs did hurt, burned, and demolished is ok right this is a joke if it applies to one race or group of ppl it's should go the same for everyone

  • Matthew H.
    08/15/2017 21:40

    What god. If he is so almighty Trump would not be president.

  • Katelyn V.
    08/15/2017 21:27

    He forgot BLM.

  • Paul O.
    08/15/2017 21:21

    Take a shot every time he mentions a single true god

  • Christian H.
    08/15/2017 21:19

    I don't know why anybody is mad at the president for the actions of idiot adults that know right from wrong

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