Trump's favorite impressions

From Hillary Clinton to a spoiled kid — here are some of Trump's major impressions.

Over the years President Trump has busted out several impressions. Such as...

A Stubborn Child

I want it, mommy! I don’t care, mommy! I want it, daddy! I don’t care, I want it!

A Chinese Businessman

They come into your office, there’s no “Hello, how are you? It’s a wonderful day.” They come in “We want deal!”

Marco Rubio

So they pick him, because he’s a young rising star, and he’s talking and he’s sweating, sweating. And I’m watching and I’m saying “Is he gonna be okay?” And he’s sweating, and he keeps sweating, and the water is pouring down all over, and finally he goes….

Hillary Clinton

You ever see Crooked Hillary Clinton? She walks in —” Good afternoon. How are you?

Sen. Rand Paul

He was another one. He was expected to win, and then he goes around before the last debate and he’s telling everybody “I’m gonna attack Trump! He’s not a true conservative!”

Bernie Sanders

That hair is getting whiter and whiter and he’s getting crazier and crazier. And I saw him “We’ll stop Donald Trump! We’re stopping him, we’re gonna stop.”

SNL Alum Jon Lovitz

Remember Jon Lovitz, the liar. Remember Jon Lovitz? “Yeah, yeah, I’m a businessman, that’s right. I went to — yeah, yeah — I went to Harvard, yeah that’s right, I went to Harvard.”

Debate Moderators

Then they go “Ms. Fiorina, Mr. Trump doesn’t like your face. What do you say? What do you say?!

And of course — A President.

I can be more presidential. Look.

Anybody can act presidential. “Ladies and gentlemen of the state of Florida, thank you vey much for being here. You are tremendous people.”