Trump's obsession with household goods

Sinks! Toilets! Light bulbs! The president seems to now be obsessed with certain household items — see for yourself.

01/15/2020 8:39 PM
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  • Dwayne V.
    6 hours


  • Randy S.
    8 hours

    He’s insane

  • Karen P.
    9 hours


  • Karen P.
    9 hours

    This guy is Nuts

  • Duane M.
    10 hours

    I have no words for this idiot! 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Drema C.
    10 hours

    He is making fun of you America

  • Thomas F.
    11 hours


  • John W.
    11 hours

    Um yeah. Hes crazy!

  • Adam R.
    11 hours

    Everything he knows nothing about..🤷‍♂️

  • Arfa A.
    12 hours

    I'm telling ya.. THIS is comedy gold! :P

  • TJ M.
    13 hours

    .. when my staff uses my bidet on me they often complain about not enough water. The struggle is real ...the struggle is real... but do I get any credit. No.. but that's okay... as president I don't need the credit... let them have it... the struggle is real LMBO

  • Flemming E.
    14 hours

    Would Obama ever talk like this? 👎👎

  • Shelby E.
    17 hours

    im so confused. whos water isnt working or isnt getting as much as they used to

  • Javar B.
    17 hours

    He is a 🤬 idiot 💯.

  • Tabitha T.
    18 hours

    What a nutjob

  • Yvonne E.
    19 hours

    They're so easily distracted and appeased. Very disturbing.

  • Janet N.
    20 hours

    this man is not playing with a full deck 😮

  • Russ B.
    20 hours

    Sorry to interrupt your hatefest but if you hang on every statement from Greta the 16 year old dropout as wisdom you have no room to make fun of anyone else. 🙄

  • David E.
    21 hours

    He make a me laugh ! Fish-eyed foo

  • Halandong I.
    a day

    Is this legit just kinda silly.. just saying though..