Trump's proof that climate change isn't real

Donald Trump thinks that the cold temperatures in the Northeast U.S. prove that climate change isn't real.

12/29/2017 7:18 PM
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  • Reggie H.
    12/29/2017 19:21

    Yes amen and amen

  • Ralph K.
    12/29/2017 19:22


  • Rene G.
    12/29/2017 19:26

    awwwe, shut-up..... trump is honest... and funny... if u havent figured it out, he is president, will remain president, is human, and we conservatives, voted for him, are happy with him, and he is living up to the job, we the people, hired him for.... get over it... vote in 3 yrs.... smh

  • Larry E.
    12/29/2017 19:26

    It was a joke

  • Dale B.
    12/29/2017 19:30

    Why do you think he's not an ignorant fool

  • Mark O.
    12/29/2017 19:31

    Meanwhile starts process of collapsing the U.N. *Leftist press are studying twitter 😂😂

  • Jim L.
    12/29/2017 19:34

    Ok.. so it's climate change .vs global's like saying. "New and improved" on the very same product..i'm all for protecting the planet.. but until the politictions literally back off using tax payer money for their own pet project That they get s piece for profit..i won't give a shit because weather wise.. nothing is can pin the highs and low cycling in a pattern of over and over since they started recording. Make alternative power a private industry and affordable. We'll all get off gas and oil...sell me a conversion kit to wind, solar and geo thermo for 8000 and by back my unused units....or credit me or allow me to sell to someone....that's a plan. Not this plan of whining and groping for more tax payer funds.Let me keep my money to buy the conversion kit...

  • Nancy P.
    12/29/2017 19:37

    ignorant and illiterate = cheeto.

  • Sheryl C.
    12/29/2017 19:37

    Now these are the winters I remember as a kid. Love it.

  • Betsy P.
    12/29/2017 19:38


  • Carie D.
    12/29/2017 19:48


  • Robert M.
    12/29/2017 19:50

    Here's a stupid moron.

  • Cynthia E.
    12/29/2017 19:52

    Can't watch orange for nothing!

  • Naeture S.
    12/29/2017 19:52

    The gop and trump are a bunch of ignoramus.

  • Trish S.
    12/29/2017 19:53

    Proof that the american education system is failing! We have the most ignorant unqualified individual running our country in american history because we as dumb ass americans elected him.

  • Beverly S.
    12/29/2017 19:58

    science news is real

  • Christopher J.
    12/29/2017 20:01

    "Trump is stupid for not belie ing in climate change" same person "HOW DARE YOU SAY THERE ARE ONLY 2 GENDERS!!!!!!!!!

  • Christopher J.
    12/29/2017 20:01

    Also love how triggered his opposition get when he makes a joke

  • Hank S.
    12/29/2017 20:02

    The businessman!

  • Christine G.
    12/29/2017 20:04

    He's not skeptical he knows better he's had top-notch people inform him and include in the military. He he is playing the people as usual because of the old deal he wants to happen and he knows it's going to hurt us and we're not going to allow it look when people from the Environmental Protection Agency are watching our protection become water and they're quitting their jobs that tells you something dangerous is going on.