Trump’s rich cabinet

"In those particular positions I just don’t want a poor person." Why President Trump's cabinet is the richest in US history.

06/22/2017 6:58 PM


  • Trindad S.
    06/29/2017 00:00

    Instead of poor people with 💓 you pick Pendijo's!! That makes you Stupid plus being Pendijo!!!

  • Glenn M.
    06/26/2017 23:31

    There is a difference between a rich person and a qualified person who is simply not wealthy...but not poor. Certainly, a very poor person likely would not be qualified....logically, but he doesn't get that the issue is appointing wealthy friends who not only have no qualifications for the position, but who may even have personal interests that blatantly conflict with their duties in that position. It is clear his wealthy gang are there to simply protect the interests of the wealthy. That's the problem. He knows that, I am sure, but his comments are meant to pander to the fools who lap up his vomit.

  • Diana M.
    06/26/2017 19:01

    He really is completely nuts!

  • Carlos R.
    06/26/2017 17:25

    I guess they're disgusted about about pay check; that they donate to children hospital

  • Randall K.
    06/26/2017 16:36

    A Smart person Either The way Trump Keeps Lieing

  • Ronald A.
    06/26/2017 16:21

    He told the working class supporters of his that he really does not want them or care. He told them this, but they just clapped their hands like he said something grand. He knew they were too dumb to understand him, too busy with what they wanted to hear to listen to everything else.

  • Chuck S.
    06/26/2017 15:27

    They're representing the top 1%

  • Brian P.
    06/26/2017 13:48

    Why would you want a poor person when they obviously can't manage their own lives well enough not to be poor?

  • Mike B.
    06/26/2017 11:02

    The American people would rather have someone that can relate to the working middle class

  • Arie H.
    06/26/2017 09:32

    What's funny is "poor" people are typically very fiscally responsible because they have to be!!!

  • Mary J.
    06/26/2017 04:52


  • Luba K.
    06/26/2017 02:41

    Exactly right, Trump wants he and his friend around him to be rich and get richer by tax cuts...He does not give a damn about the rest of the country!!!

  • Meredith C.
    06/26/2017 02:34

    I fucking hate this man. I have never ever felt this way towards another human being before in my life.

  • James D.
    06/26/2017 00:18

    Just flat out telling the base of his supporters, they are not considered acceptable to be in leadership positions.... and, get this, they applaud him for the insult.... awesomely, woefully, pathetic.... bigly SAD!!!

  • Judy A.
    06/25/2017 23:01

    Rich but Unqualified ! Yea, that makes sense !!

  • Linda M.
    06/25/2017 22:15

    they are all getting huge tax cuts, and getting more money .

  • Lori M.
    06/25/2017 22:13

    Scumbag Lying Chief disgusting human if that ‼️

  • Bev B.
    06/25/2017 21:33

    Jesus H. Christ....are we the people that idiotic? The rich are stealing us ..deaf, dumb & blind....& we give extra cheers for the wealthy, rich bitches that wheel & deal for themselves$$$$$!

  • Barbara M.
    06/25/2017 09:00

    Donald Trump you owe so much money you are in debt this is what the stupid people don't get what have you done nothing you are there to get yourself out of debt that is what you are doing nothing more nothing less

  • Hulen H.
    06/25/2017 03:20


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