• Krista B.
    07/05/2017 21:42

    Umm would it work ?

  • Christopher S.
    07/01/2017 19:36

    I think people are missing the point that the president just acknowledged that solar panels pay for themselves

  • Scott M.
    07/01/2017 18:53

    For the love of God, please stop talking!! Please go away, don't care where you go but go away!!

  • Casey R.
    07/01/2017 10:52

    So were going to make a multi billion dollar wall a trillion dollar wall, so that we can save millions of dollars. Hmmm... Why dont you do any research before you speak trump?

  • Shermaine D.
    07/01/2017 07:23

    This guy a fucking idiot

  • Carlos M.
    07/01/2017 04:00


  • Robert S.
    07/01/2017 02:46

    The only thing this idiot builds up is his ego!!!!

  • Chilito V.
    07/01/2017 02:04

    That ol farts cheese done slid of his cracker....again.

  • Kerekau N.
    07/01/2017 01:22

    America is a joke.

  • Kevin W.
    06/30/2017 23:51

    ASSHOLE SUPREME. I find it amazing and amusing that those sad weak minded morons can stand there for hours and listen to that blowhard buffoon blather on and on about himself without vomiting. The sight of him and sound of his voice makes me nauseous. It's astonishing that back to back Presidents will both make history so close together. Obama will go down as one of the greatest....while Trump will definitely go down in flames as The WORST of all time.

  • Anthony J.
    06/30/2017 13:14

    This dude is a complete idiot

  • Richard M.
    06/30/2017 05:25

    What a moron!!!! Lol!!

  • Cody G.
    06/29/2017 20:22

    I guess I don't like Trump , but I also hated Hillary , it's all fucked

  • Cody G.
    06/29/2017 20:21

    Lol I'm not anti Trump but this guy talks like a jackass, he's pandering so hard to people it's just sad His Heath care is a distaster foreign relations are strained , and cutting all the social , EPA, ECT is fucked up

  • Lovoris R.
    06/29/2017 18:32

    A builder with a license not to pay the people that works for him!

  • Edward T.
    06/29/2017 18:26

    Lmfso we are going to build a big beautiful wall, so big and beautiful you cannot even imagine it.. And the Mexicans are going to pay for it.... that's what he said in one of his stupid rants. The truth is the wall is not going to be built on Mexican boarder oh no ladies and gentlemen. It's going to be built around the Whitehouse, to try and stop the FBI investigation, and the press reporting it. And of course he will have small statues all around the top of his wall why because he is crazy.

  • Diana H.
    06/29/2017 16:55

    Bulid a wall around his fat ass and leave

  • Diana H.
    06/29/2017 16:52

    This is wasted conversation

  • Diana H.
    06/29/2017 16:51

    Dumbass boy what the hell did he say everyone want him and all of the republicans out of the white house lets vote again dam

  • John M.
    06/29/2017 14:09

    Not a builder , such an innovator , your stuck on fossil fuels $ but now you want to make your stupid wall out of solar panels ? Hill say anything to try to please his peeps, I can see it now" the trump wall" in solar lights

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